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April 9, 2013 • News

G-Technology’s New G-DOCK and G-DRIVE Offer Speed, Versatility and Flexibility

Like you, much of my life is digital. That includes documents, pictures, music and video. Those files are precious… and increasingly larger and larger. Seriously, one video for a Gear Diary post can be a gigabyte and a half before I even begin to process it. It adds up … quickly. In addition, protecting that …

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March 2, 2013 • Crowdfunding, Reviews

Nifty MiniDrive Kickstarter Project Finally Ships

Judie and I were on the phone together while ordering our 15″ MacBook pro with Retina display laptops, so we could discuss the specific specs we wanted. At the end of the day we both went for the fastest processor (Core i7) and most RAM (16GB) we could get. Judie had just about convinced me …

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March 1, 2013 • Events

SanDisk Emphasizes Device Speed at MWC 2013

While at Mobile World Congress, we had a meeting with SanDisk. Going in, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen: would they pull out a bunch of thumb-drives and mini memory cards to show us their latest consumer designs as they had done several years ago? Or would we find something completely new to discuss? …

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December 29, 2012 • Gear Bits

Keep Your Data Safe in 2013 with Dropbox’s Packrat Feature

From now until 2013, we’re taking a look at some New Year’s Resolutions and Gear Diary ways to help keep them. New Year Resolution: Protect Your Data in 2013 This is one of those lessons you learn, forget, and then learn again once a data-loss disaster strikes. Here’s my story, and why DropBox’s PackRat feature …

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September 18, 2012 • Crowdfunding, News

ioSafe Turns to Indiegogo to Help Fund the “Disaster-Proof Private Cloud”

We’ve long been fans of ioSafe. We’ve spent time with them as they burnt, crushed and soaked hard drives. We’ve seen the drives abused with shocking results. We also taken shotgun shots as their drives. Now ioSafe has taken things even further. They’s turned to Indiegogo to help fund their newest endeavor, the ioSafe N2. …

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September 14, 2012 • Editorials

Dumped by My Technology Without a Backup

Anyone who knows me expects to see me sporting my backpack gear bag hanging on my right shoulder. I carry tons of tech in that bag whether I need it on a daily basis or not. The backbone of that backpack has been my 13″ MacBook Pro. The laptop was my dream computer, and it …

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September 12, 2012 • News

Pogoplug – My Own Private Cloud With 1TB Online Backup

I am always on the lookout for simple and secure backup solutions and good methods for syncing personal files across multiple devices. I use Dropbox and Google Drive, but have always liked the idea of my own personal cloud solution for more confidential information. I have been using The free Tonido program on my home …

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June 17, 2012 • Gear Bits

Please Sir, May I Have Another? A Dropbox Request

I started using Dropbox several years ago at Thomas’ recommendation. At the time, I didn’t think I’d be using it for that much, so the 500MB that came in the free account seemed just right. I even managed to pick up some additional free storage space, because I did things like tweet about it, connect …

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June 13, 2012 • Gear Bits, News

MacBook Pro Retina Draws on MacBook Air, and It Isn’t Entirely Good News

The great site iFixit has done the tear down of the new MacBook Pro with a Retina Display that was announced at the 2012 WWDC, and we find that it has more in common with the MacBook Air and iPad than any MacBook Pro before it; in other words, the RAM is SOLDERED in place. …

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May 8, 2012 • Gear Bits

Paid-Up MobileMe Subscribers Get to Keep Their Free 20GB for 3 Months More!

When MobileMe turned into iCloud, those of us who had dumped hundreds of dollars into the service hoped that Apple would ‘throw us a bone’ for the years of loyalty. And they did – we got the 20GB storage level for free until June 2012. Here is the section from the FAQ: MobileMe members with …

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March 30, 2012 • News

StarTech’s New USB 3.0 HDD Docking Station

If you build computers or do any maintenance on computers or just want a quick way to offload the data off of an old hard drive, then has a new solution for you.  Their new HDD docking station supports 2.5 inch or 3.5 inch SATA or IDE hard disks and connects to your computer …

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February 16, 2012 • Reviews

The Startech USB 3.0/eSATA Quad Bay Docking Station Review

  Image courtesy of StarTech Those of us in the IT business know that you simply can’t have enough tools to get the job done. Anything to make life easier, and give you more time to for other things is usually worth it’s weight in gold. StarTech makes some of the coolest and hard to …

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February 2, 2012 • Reviews

Kingston Wi-Drive Review

There are some smartphone accessories that make you go “huh? Who would buy this?” And then sometimes there are ideas so smart you think, “Wow! Why didn’t anyone do this sooner?” Finally, there’s the “GREAT idea, poor execution” accessory. The Kingston Wi-Drive fits into one of these categories, but you will have to read to …

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December 1, 2011 • Reviews

Kingston DataTraveler 109 with urDrive Review

When it comes to USB drives I tend to be fairly utilitarian – I want something fast, portable, durable, and reliable. The top brand drives all offer that stuff, so what makes you choose one $20 8GB drive over another? Kingston is hoping that their urDrive software embedded in the DataTraveler 109 will offer users …

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October 24, 2011 • News

HTC Giving All New Phone Buyers 5GB of DropBox for FREE!

Smartphone maker HTC has unveiled a plan with cloud storage company Dropbox to give 5GB of free cloud storage to new HTC Android phone owners. According to reports, the deal is tied to phones using HTC’s new ‘Sense 3.5’ UI overlay. Drop Box gives users 2GB for free, so this is an extra 150% for …

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August 25, 2011 • News

SanDisk Brings Out the Sansa Clip Zip

While I do like iPods, I still love other MP3 players as well.  One of my favorites is the Sansa Fuze+ after the latest firmware update.  Sandisk also has made many other Sansas, and one of the Linux community’s favorite ones has been the Sansa Clip.  Just when I didn’t think the Clip could get …

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August 17, 2011 • Reviews

The SanDisk Ultra 8GB USB Flash Drive Review

I collect thumb drives.  At least it seems that way, as I have a whole bag of them.  One of these days I’d like to replace all of the smaller ones with one larger one or a few larger ones.  This 8 GB SanDisk Ultra flash drive is my second 8 GB flash drive and one …

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April 15, 2011 • News

Verbatim Offers Digital Data Storage and Backup Solutions This Tax Season

Death and Taxes – oh how we hear that phrase overused, and for my purposes here I plead guilty. Fortunately I am here to talk about the latter and not the former. Our friends over at Verbatim, maker of digital data storage and backup products, want loyal US taxpayers (or at least tax filers) to …

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April 5, 2011 • Reviews

Review: Seagate GoFlex Slim Performance Drive

Judie’s and my first meeting at CES 2011 was with Seagate. (We posted about it here.) Toward the end of the visit we came upon a hard drive that was as stylish as it was function. At the time all we were allowed to write about it was this: Concept drive – We also saw …

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January 11, 2011 • News

CES: SanDisk Meeting

By now you have likely seen that at CES, SanDisk announced their amazing new 128GB Compact Flash Card, a size that still boggles my mind. Available later this quarter for a MSRP of $1499.99, this card isn’t for the feint-hearted. But when you consider that it wasn’t too long ago that a 5GB PCMCIA card …

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January 11, 2011 • Gear Bits

IoSafe Has Got My Back; Do They Have Yours?

Freshly arrived back from CES, I found waiting for me an IoSafe 1TB fireproof, waterproof, and — as has been demonstrated multiple times by this site (and many others) — a virtually indestructible SoloPRO Desktop External Hard Drive. I’m looking forward to setting up this beast and putting it to work protecting my data. Knowing …

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