Misc Gear

The Man Ring – Solid Titanium Tools You’ll Always Have with You!

This is even better than a secret decoder ring! Five tools crafted into a man’s titanium ring with brass rivets for contrasting flair. Included are a bottle opener, a straight blade, a serrated blade, a saw, and a mustache comb! Don’t act like you don’t want one! You can get yours made to order for $385 from BooneRings on Etsy.

Get Serious About Security with Swann’s Platinum HD Security System

The Swann: Platinum HD System is for the seriously security-minded homeowner. The full 1080p HD DVR/camera kit and the Swann View app offer live remote viewing via four HD Cameras recording at 30 FPS. A 4 Channel DVR with 2TB hard drive records 45 days of non-stop video. It even has night vision. Available now at www.Swann.com for $1599.

Grilled Cheesus and the Ecumenical Guide to Grilled Cheese

Judie and I recently got pitched to cover the Grilled Cheesus. Yes, it is exactly what is sounds like — a grilled cheese gadget that makes “grilled cheese sandwiches easier and tastier — and more divine”. It is a real product that costs $39.95. We got to thinking, what would other faith-based grilled cheesers look like? Let’s take a look.

“Gravity” Gear in Space!

The recently released film Gravity has become a modern-day classic as well as an informative presentation about space gear. From specially colored manuals to thruster packs that move astronauts from site to site in space, audiences get a real sense of the necessary gear used in space missions.

Fitbit Force Flips the Bird at Early Flex Adopters

I like Fitbit clip-on trackers because they measure sleep, steps, floors climbed, and they integrate well with Android and iOS fitness apps. But after losing two to the washing machine, I’d given up and moved to more convenient bracelet-style trackers. As an early adopter of Fitbit’s Flex bracelet-style tracker, I feel cheated by today’s release of the Force. Here’s why.

Nest Protect Will Be a Beautiful Smoke & CO2 Detector

A Beautiful Smoke & CO2 Detector?! That’s certainly not a phrase that I ever thought I would find myself writing! I have a first generation Nest Thermostat — which I love. Based on how well it has performed in my house, I anticipate nothing but good from the Nest Protect, available soon in black or white, wired or wireless for $129.

Brinell GmbH Introduces Stylish, Speedy SSDs in Seven Styles

A new, stylish external storage solution from Brinell GmbH recently surfaced, revealing seven beautiful SSD form factor styles to choose from. Sporting USB 3.0 specs, the Brinell external SSDs offer zippy read/write speeds in UAS Turbo mode of 420/330 MB/s respectively, with prices starting from about $216 for the 120GB version to $768 USD for 500GB capacity. High-end performance meets…

Never Lose your Sole-Mate Again with Sock Snappers

We’ve all been there, one of your socks, probably from your favorite pair, goes missing.  The sock monster strikes again!  Sock Snappers is funding on Kickstarter now to help keep your sock pairs together while washing and drying. These ingenious little snaps clip onto your socks and allow the socks to snap together so they won’t be separated. The plastic…

TremorFX Home Theater Seating by RedSeat Entertainment Brings the Sound to Your Seat

RedSeat Entertainment recently introduced its new TremorFX Home Theater seats, which are perfect for any home theater setup. These seats vibrate and pulsate to correspond to the movie’s soundtrack. TremorFX seats use audio processors and wireless transmitters to bring the sound from your receiver straight to your seat. An available HDMI-Out jack on your receiver is all that’s needed. The…

Smoke at Home with Masterbuilt

If you like smoked meats, then, well I guess we can be friends. But not everyone has the room for a big wood-fired smoker or the time to tend the fire for a long cooktime. For convenient home smoking and consistently delicious reults, the Masterbuilt 30-inch Electric Digital Stainless Steel Smokehouse might just be the solution for you!

Give My Yad a Hand – Technology Meets Tradition

That great source of Jewish knowledge Wikipedia describes a yad (literally “hand”) as “a Jewish ritual pointer, popularly known as a Torah pointer, used by the reader to follow the text during the Torah reading from the parchment Torah scrolls. Yads can be made from silver, wood or any material. Mine, however, is something Moses could never have imagined. Since…

TrackingPoint XS2 Unboxing Goodness

I have been following the TrackingPoint smart rifle system and their releases. The mixture of technology and amazing weapon technology is mind-blowing to me. TrackingPoint has released an unboxing video of the XS2 Smart Rifle. The rifle itself is amazing in its own right, but it even comes complete with an iPad mini. Check out the video for all of…

Own a Smartphone? Order a Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit NOW!

If you own a smartphone, then you NEED one of these. The DRY-ALL Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit saved Elana’s iPhone 4S when it went into the sink. Now it’s doing the same for her iPhone 5C. (Or at least we hope it is.) Smartphones cost hundreds of dollars to replace, and that makes keeping one of these Emergency Kits on…

Zagg’s Guarantee Puts Others to Shame!

Zagg offers excellent guarantees on their products, but do they actually live up to it? Yes! The cable on my awesome ZR-SIX headphones recently split at one of the junction points. I got on the company website, arranged a replacement, and had one on the way in minutes. I sent back the originals and … That’s great customer service!

SmartWallit Review – Time to Upgrade Your Billfold

SmartWallit is a new gadget that helps you keep track of not only your spending, but also the location of your wallet.  This intelligent accessory has many functions, including a spending log, loss prevention, and a way to find your lost phone or wallet.  You can order the SmartWallit from Amazon for $60 plus shipping. I was very excited to…