October 2013

Nexus 5 Debuts in Time for Trick or Treat

In the worst kept secret ever, and on the best day for a phone with an OS release codenamed for a candy bar, Google has finally released the Nexus 5. The Nexus 5 is made by LG and is pretty much the same hardware as the G2 but without the crappy software or fingerprint scanner. The Nexus 5 ships with the sweet treat that is Android 4.4, code named Kit Kat. Google has promised that this release should run great even on hardware that is not as robust as the Nexus 5. This is a treat for Sprint and T-Mobile…

Trick Or Treat with Gear Diary and Win!

Happy Halloween! Some of you may be heading out to go trick or treating this afternoon. Oothers may simply be hanging out and enjoying this last day of October. We thought we might do a bit of trick or treating ourselves here on Gear Diary; we’ve turned on our porch light, and we are ready to hand out some treats!

Phiaton Fusion MS 430 Wired Headphones

Phiaton has been on a roll and expanding their headphone line-up at a rapid pace. We recently reviewed their CHORD MS 530 headphones. Now we’re taking a look at Phiaton’s Fusion MS 430 wired headphones. These retail for under $180 and are on Amazon for under $150. If you are in the market, these are a great on-ear headphone option.

Drox Operative: Invasion of the Ancients Now Available

Drox Operative is a starship action RPG featuring warring alien races, fierce space battles, as well as dynamic, evolving galaxy, and co-op multiplayer for Windows and Mac. It is fantastic indie RPG that breaks from the standard fantasy RPG genres. Today Soldak games launched the first expansion, Invasion of the Ancients, with loads of new features.

Avadon 2: The Corruption for Mac and PC Game Review

Jeff Vogel’s Spiderweb Software has been putting out some of the best indie role-playing games for 20 years. The Avernum and Geneforge franchises rank up there with some of the best commercial games made through the years. Back in 2011 they broke new ground with the Avadon franchise; now the sequel arrives, improving on the original in every way.

Lowepro Nova Sport 17L AW Camera Bag Review

If you are looking to carry a DSLR, a few lenses and accessories, a tablet, and some personal items, Lowepro has some great bags from which to choose. And if you want to carry all those items in a sturdy yet light bag that is under $80 but not cheap, you’ll want to check out the Nova Sport 17L AW.

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Most Rewarding SUV

According to Jeep, the Grand Cherokee premium sport utility is the most awarded SUV…ever. Those are some pretty big bragging rights, but after driving the new Grand Cherokee it is easy to see why this model is second to none in a category transitioning from rural bumpkin to metropolitan mainstay as automakers retool the segment for more urban adventures.

Penclic Mouse R2 Wireless Mouse Review – The Ergonomic Write-Click

The Penclic Mouse R2 is designed as an ergonomic alternative to the typical computer mouse.  Designed in Sweden, the Penclic was created to coerce it’s owner to use healthy and natural movements to prevent Repetitive Strain Injury or RSI, which may be caused by regular use of a typical computer mouse.  The Penclic Mouse R2 retails for $80.

Griffin Separates Case for iPhone 5/5s Review

Sometimes simplicity is the way to go. That’s the case with Griffin’s Separates Cases for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. There’s nothing fancy with these cases that are essentially a protective bumper and a colorful backplate. Where these stand out is in the ability to mix and match numbers and backplates from various cases in the line. See them all.

Naztech 2400mAh Power Case for iPhone 5/5S Review

The problem with high-tech gadgets is their huge power needs.  The best way to make sure you don’t run out of juice before the end of your day is to use an external battery.  The Naztech mAh Power Case packs a ton of backup power into an easy-to-use case for $89.99.

Kinect Sports Rivals Will Offer Free Trial Version at Xbox One Launch

Rare has announced that Kinect Sports Rivals, Xbox’s answer to Wii Sports, will be available in a free trial form at the launch of the Xbox One on November 22nd.  It will be called Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason.  The “trial experience” will come with the wake racing event, one of the six events that Kinect Sports Rivals will eventually ship with.

Doctor Who Is Very Bullish on Paperbacks!

  I am slowly working my way through Doctor Who; I just watched the fourth season episode “The Unicorn and the Wasp”, when the Doctor and his traveling companion Donna meet Agatha Christie. The episode is amusing all by itself, but what really had me cracking up was the end …

Installing Google Apps on the Kindle Fire HDX? Just Don’t Bother!

Nate over at The Digital Reader had a post about installing Google apps on the new Kindle Fire HDX. Since I use GMail and other Google stuff and have the new Kindle Fire HDX, I figured ‘why not’. Turns out there is a basic reason – not all services work correctly and there are no notifications. As a result, my only recommendation is ‘just say no’. The method to installing everything comes in four steps: • Google Account Manager • Google Play Services • Google Service Framework • Gmail You add one, reboot the Fire the install the next, and…

R.I.P. Ronald Shannon Jackson and Lou Reed

Over the last week we’ve lost two visionary artists in very different musical genres; two men whose names might not have been household names and who might never have burned up the pop charts, but their impact was broad and far-reaching, and who will be sorely missed. Those men were jazz drummer Ronald Shannon Jackson and rock musician Lou Reed.

Griffin Survivor Clear for iPhone 5C Review

You picked up an iPhone 5C and love the color. That’s great, but you also want to keep the device safe; that requires a trade-off … Or does it? The Griffin Survivor Clear for iPhone 5C is a case that shows off the 5C’s color while offering amazing corner protection. Best of all it is just $29.99!

Ventev Powerdash r900 Brings Power On the Go X2

Sometimes the small innovations make the most sense. They can also make you step back and think, “Now why didn’t I think of that?” The Ventev Powerdash r900 is a 2.1A in-car rapid charger for your smartphone or tablet that it is also a 900mAh external battery you can grab when you reach your destination. Brilliant!