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Overboard & Snappy for the iPhone

For those of you who are running jail-broken iPhones take note.  We’ve seen some really amazing releases over the last few days. I’ve chose to highlight two of them in the video below. Overboard, which is essentially a version of the Mac utility Expose, makes it really easy to jump around your iPhone’s various springboard pages.  Overboard is available for… Read More ›

Coghlan’s Magnesium Firestarter Review

I really liked the Flint Striker from Coghlan’s I reviewed in September.  It works really well but sometimes you need a little more.  The Magnesium Firestarter from Coghlan’s not only gets the spark you need, but also provides you some tinder that burns a little hotter than dryer lint.

Seagate FreeAgent Go – Review

More and more of our digital lives is left sitting on our computers. As a result we need a better way to access it. Seagate has that covered with a system that is not only simple to use but simple to set up as well. It consists of three parts. The first is Seagate’s FreeAgent Go portable hard drive. (You… Read More ›

Review: Bolt Bags Netbook Cases

Netbooks are tiny.  Finding a stylish netbook case is difficult.  You can generally find sleeves and some smaller bags but sleeves generally fit your netbook a bit tight to fit the power cord too.   If you want a mouse or a few other accessories, you can forget taking just a sleeve. Bolt Bags aims to change this with their new… Read More ›

Review: Rescue Razzle for iPhone OS

Sunstorm Interactive is at it again with a new game for the iPhone OS.  The company is quickly becoming one of my favorite game developers for the iPhone OS.  With titles at only 99 cents a piece many of them are finding a permanent place on my phone. Rescue Razzle is a brainteasing, puzzle game where you are charged with… Read More ›

Commodore 64 Emulator iPhone Game Review

I love classic games of all sorts. I still occasionally replay my copy of the original 1981 Castle Wolfenstein through an emulator and have always loved playing arcade games when the arcade collections are released. So when I heard that a Commodore 64 game emulation system was coming to the iTunes App Store, I was thrilled. Of course, that joy… Read More ›

Konnet HardJAC Graffito – iPhone Case Review

My favorite iPhone cases are those that are more a hard shell than a case. They take a minimalist approach to scratch protection and while they don’t offer much, if any, protection from life’s bumps and bruises, these snap-on cases don’t add much weight or bulk to the device. That’s a trade-off I’m willing to make. The latest snap-on shell… Read More ›

SiN (1998, FPS) Review

Context is everything. I hadn’t touched SiN since replaying SiN Gold when it was released for the Mac in 2000. Then they released the first ‘episode’ of SiN Episodes, called ‘Emergence‘ in 2006, which came with a Steam copy of ‘SiN 1? as it was called. Naturally I played some then as I waited for the release of the episode,… Read More ›

Six Sigma Reference Guide Review

Corporate Quality Initiatives including things like Total Quality, Baldrige Award Teams, LEAN, and more have provided companies with methodologies to improve products and processes, reduce waste, and save money for the last few decades. But none has taken hold like Six Sigma, an initiative that has the ability to produce systematic improvements and savings through a structured set of processes…. Read More ›