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Monster 24k Over-Ear Headphones Review

The other day we reviewed the Adidas Original by Monster Headphones; I was impressed with both the comfort and the sound they offer. They are, however pricey. The Monster 24K Over-Ear Headphones make a statement and are even pricier, but they also sound great, and they offer superb comfort. Let’s take a look and then give the review sample away!

ZVOX SOUNDBASE.420 Offers Huge Sound for an Amazingly Low Price

The biggest challenge with televisions these days, at least in most cases, is the lousy sound they offer. A huge television with a beautiful big screen and smart functionality may be great, but if the speakers stink watching it won’t be enjoyable. The ZVOX SOUNDBASE.420 fixes that for surprisingly little money, and it’s simple to set up.

Harman Kardon Esquire Bluetooth Speaker Isn’t Kid’s Stuff

Over the past few years I have come to appreciate the fact that great industrial design and quality audio are not mutually exclusive. One of the companies that consistently proves it possible to have speakers (or headphones) that look gorgeous and sound great is Harman Kardon. The Harman Kardon Esquire Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect example.

Logitech K830 Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard Review

If you have a SmartTV or a computer connected to your media center the Logitech K830 Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard is for you. This keyboard/trackpad combination brings the two input methods together in a compact and easy-to-use package. Considering you get both a backlit illuminated keyboard AND a trackpad the $99.99 isn’t bad. Designed for Windows, it also works with Macs.

Velodyne vTrue Over-the-Ear Headphones for the Win

A year ago I wasn’t familiar with Velodyne, a company that has been producing speakers for quite some time and recently moved into the headphone market. I reviewed the company’s vQuiet noise canceling headphones and was impressed. When the opportunity to review the top-of-the-line Velodyne vTrue Studio Headphones came my way I jumped. Are they worth the $399 price tag?

Tonino Lamborghini Quantum EL-01-R Headphones Review

For most of us, the name Lamborghini evokes images of power, style and phenomenal design. So when we learned that Tonino Lamborghini, son of the great automobile designer, was releasing a line of in ear headphones we took notice. The Lamborghini Quantum EL-01-R Headphones are the most affordable of the three offerings that are coming this spring; here’s a look.

iFrogz Tadpole is a Tiny Speaker for On-the-Go

The iFrogz Tadpole Bluetooth mini speaker does not put out big, bold, quality sound. It doesn’t get great battery life, it’s not waterproof, and it doesn’t double as a speakerphone. It doesn’t have Bluetooth 4.0 or NFC. So the tadpole isn’t worth your time or money, right? Actually no, in the right situation it’s a rather compelling device. Here’s why.

Speck CandyShell Amped for iPhone 5S Pumps Up the Volume

What if you could have all the good looks and great protection of a Speck CandyShell case for iPhone 5S and significantly improve the sound? That’s what the Speck CandyShell Amped for iPhone 5S promises — and delivers. Until you examine it a bit more closely, the case looks like any other CandyShell case. It, however, is hiding a secret.

Jabra Rox Wireless Headphones Are Wireless Wonders of Sound

Jabra’s Revo Wireless headphones have been a constant companion of mine for over a year. These on-ear headphones are tough, comfortable and sound impressive. Jabra’s latest product, the Jabra Rox Wireless headphones, shrink things down quite a bit. These small, in-ear headphones pack plenty of sound and have a few extra tricks you are going to love.

Logitech G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset Review

Consider yourself warned: Logitech has a highly qualified contender in the budget gaming headset arena with the Logitech G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset. This 7.1 surround sound-wielding headset uses Advanced Dolby Technology to pump out music and effects that makes it sound like you’re inside the game. It also sports a folding noise-cancelling microphone. The G430 is priced at $79.99.

Work Out with BlueAnt Pump HD Sportbuds Bluetooth Headphones

If you want your sports headphones to be wireless, stay in place, be easy to control, put up with inclement weather, and sound good, then the BlueAnt Pump HD Sportbuds Bluetooth Headphones may well be the headphones for you. At $129 they won’t break the bank and, thanks to their design, they stay in place while you exercise.

UK’s Bayan Audio Invades North America with Sound

Bayan Audio, a British audio brand “dedicated to fusing unparalleled acoustic performance with superb design” is coming to North America. The company, first launched in 2011, has already been available in the UK, Germany and eight other markets. Now the British are coming as they arrive in the US and Canada with availability through Amazon and then independent retailers.

Even an Arachnophobe Will Love the Harman Sound Spider

I had a meeting at the Harman International flagship store in Manhattan yesterday. I arrived early, so I spent some time checking out the store. While there, I helped sell a pair of JBL S400BT wireless headphones, and I took a closer look at the Harman Sound Spider; it lets you listen to headphones before you buy.

V-MODA XS Headphones Let You “Mind the Gap”

V-MODA’s headphones have won us over in a big way. We reviewed and loved the V-MODA Remix-In-Ear, the V-MODA M-80 and the amazing V-MODA Crossfade M-100 over-the-ear headphones. Now the company has released their latest creation. The V-MODA XS offer a sleek, ergonomic and promise great V-MODA sound. They look, and we expect sound, fantastic.

$699 AKG K712 Pro Headphones Video First Look

  I’m a huge fan of AKG headphones. I reviewed the AKG K551 and continue to enjoy using them. When I saw the MSRP $699 AKG K712 Pro Headphones for just over $300 over on Massdrop, I jumped. They were still pricey, but you get what you pay for. These headphones are amazing. Here’s my first video look.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio First Look

We posted news about the new harman kardon Onyx Studio Bluetooth wireless speaker last week. The Onyx Studio is available exclusively through Sprint for just under $400. It is an impressive speaker, and my first few days with it have already made me a fan. We’ll have a detailed review soon, but here is a first look video.