October 2013

“Gravity” Gear in Space!

The recently released film Gravity has become a modern-day classic as well as an informative presentation about space gear. From specially colored manuals to thruster packs that move astronauts from site to site in space, audiences get a real sense of the necessary gear used in space missions.

Watch Dogs Release Has Been Delayed Until Spring 2014

Taking a rather disappointing turn, Ubisoft has decided today to delay the release of Watch Dogs until the Spring of 2014.  It’s a gutsy thing for Ubisoft to do, but they have taken an admirable stance and won’t compromise the quality of the game in order to push out an unfinished product just to be ready for the holidays.

Slickwraps Affordably Wraps Your iPhone 5S in Color and Protection

If you don’t love the idea of using a case on your iPhone 5/5S/C but you still want to give it some degree of protection you’ll want to check out the various offerings from Slickwraps. With a range of different colors and styles and prices that won’t break the bank they are worth checking out! See them all.

TYLT Sliding PowerCase for the iPhone 5S First Look

TYLT’s Sliding PowerCase for the iPhone 5/5S is an interesting product. It comes with two minimalist cases in different colors. When the battery runs down you simply slide the phone, case and all, into the battery and recharge. At under $100 it is a great option for iPhone power users. The full review is coming. Here’s a video first look.

Technogel Contour Pillow Review – the End of the Triple Pillow Alliance!

For the longest time, I couldn’t sleep unless I had at least two, if not three, pillows crammed under my head. For the past few weeks I’ve been testing the Technogel Contour Pillow, and I haven’t used another pillow since. What could be so great about the $169 Contour to cause the early retirement of the “triple pillow alliance”?

Score Band Review – The Best Scorekeeper on Your Wrist

I am a huge fan of sports, whether it’s watching professionals or playing myself.  When the weather is right, I love playing tennis with friends. Unfortunately, I get too into the game itself and forget to keep score.  Now, there’s a Score Band on my wrist to keep track for me; Score Band sells for $24.99.

Got Grip? Speck CandyShell Grip for the iPhone 5C

We all have our favorite style of case and my wife Elana is no exception. Since making the move to the iPhone her go-to case has been the CandyShell Grip. Elana recently got an iPhone 5C and couldn’t be happier that one of the $35 CandyShell Grip cases arrived for review. See all of Speck’s cases.

Great Deal on Grass-Fed Meat at Amazon Local!

Concerned about the quality of the meat at your local grocery store? Do you want to have a better idea of where your beef and chicken was raised and processed? Unfortunately, it can be expensive to try direct mail order meat, especially grass-fed meats. Luckily, Amazon Local has an amazing $99 deal for a huge kit of grass-fed meat!

SpeeCup Review – Bluetooth Speaker Takes the Shape of a Travel Mug

Have you ever said to yourself, “You know what I need?  A portable Bluetooth speaker in the shape of a travel mug that fits right in my cup holder in my car.”?  If so, you’re in luck!  iCreation’s speeCup is a very convenient, nicely powered speaker that fits your criteria.  The speeCup retails for $129.95.

Twitter’s Board and Gender Politics in Business

Twitter came under some fire this week for the lack of gender diversity on their board. Their CEO was defensive saying he wasn’t going to add women simply to increase diversity, implying there are no women qualified to sit on Twitter’s board. It isn’t just Twitter- this “no women are qualified” attitude spreads unfairly throughout Silicon Valley.

Phiaton Chord MS 530 and Fusion MS430 Headphones- 1st Look

We recently brought word that Phiaton was releasing two new pair of headphones. Phiaton’s $349 Chord MS 530 Headphones cut the cords thank to Bluetooth AND have active noise cancellation. The $180 Fusion MS430 headphones use carbon fiber to keep weight down without comprising on build-quality. Reviews are on the way. For now, check out these two first look videos.

Xbox One to Feature Xbox Fitness Free for Gold Subscribers

Video games and exercise don’t often go hand-in-hand, although attempts at calorie burning games by major consoles have been made in the past.  However, with the new Kinect 2.0 technology included with the Xbox One, Microsoft is trying to lure us couch potatoes off of our favorite La-Z-Boy by combining videos by popular fitness instructors with Kinect’s new ultra-sensitive cameras.

It’s Time to Abolish the Day When We Celebrate Greed, Cruelty, and Mass Murder

Since I was old enough to understand the full story behind Christopher Columbus “discovering” America, I have wondered why a holiday was celebrated in his honor. The Oatmeal has succinctly shown why Columbus was not a man worthy of any nation’s remembrance, and in the process introduces Bartolomé, perhaps a more deserving candidate for clothing sales and bankers’ days off.

Fitbit Force Flips the Bird at Early Flex Adopters

I like Fitbit clip-on trackers because they measure sleep, steps, floors climbed, and they integrate well with Android and iOS fitness apps. But after losing two to the washing machine, I’d given up and moved to more convenient bracelet-style trackers. As an early adopter of Fitbit’s Flex bracelet-style tracker, I feel cheated by today’s release of the Force. Here’s why.