May 2014

Speck DuraFolio for iPad Air Review

As you may have read here on Gear Diary, Speck was recently purchased by Samsonite. I’m curious to see what new products begin to appear as a result. Even before this happened however the lineup of Speck cases continued to increase. One of the newest cases is the Speck DuraFolio for iPad Air; it comes in five different color combinations.

Incipio Atlas ID Rugged Case for iPhone 5 and 5s Review

If you’re in need of a rugged and waterproof iPhone case that doesn’t break the bank, come check out the Atlas ID from Incipio. The Atlas ID is waterproof up to 2 meters underwater for 30 minutes; it’s shockproof and dust proof. It’s also compatible with the iPhone 5s’ Touch ID fingerprint login. The Atlas ID retails for $89.99.

Element Case Ducati Soft-Tec Folio Review

If you are a fan of Element Case, you know their products are always impressive. And if you are into motorcycles, you likely know about the partnership between Element Case and Ducati. The two companies have been co-branding some amazing cases. The Element Case Ducati Soft-Tec Folio for Apple iPad Air is a great example of what they have created.

Moto G on Republic Wireless is Simply a Bargain

Republic Wireless’ hybrid cell/VOIP service is among the most cost-effective ways to have smartphone connectivity. They offer the powerful Moto X and the cost-effective Moto G. Mitchell and I will be reviewing the Moto X. In this post we will take a look at the Moto G on Republic Wireless is one of, if not the, best deals in cellular today.

Facebook Asks Whether You Think Your Post Will Get Reported or Not. What?!

About five minutes ago, I shared a post from Fox News on Facebook which reported an incident in Houston TX describing a lawfully licensed handgun owner involved in a shootout with armed robbers. So far this is pretty normal type stuff. But upon clicking POST, Facebook presented me with the prompt: “Do you think anyone will report this post?”.

Watch Phil Collins Jam with Miami Middle School Band

Phil Collins hasn’t been performing  in public for the past three years. According to news reports Collins has been in a land of retirement since suffering some spinal issues in 2011. Collins shows up in this nearly 18 minute YouTube video giving a performance of “In The Air” and “Land of Confusion”. The video appears to have been filmed at a Miami Dade County middle school, where two of his children attend.

Why Amazon Prime Music Makes Sense

Buzzfeed is reporting that Amazon is planning on expanding their Prime offerings to include music as well as books, movies, and free shipping. This has been speculated before, and the terms (no music newer than 6 months) fits with the backlist strategy of the rest of Prime. It also shows who Amazon Prime is truly aimed at: digital dilettantes.

Scurvy Scallywags Now Plundering on Android Phones and Tablets

Just about a year ago, I reviewed Scurvy Scallywags for iOS systems, and summed it up as a “great game, great fun, great price”. The game is an innovative Match-3 / RPG Mash-Up designed by game industry veterans Ron Gilbert and Clayton Kauzlaric, and has just released on the Google Play store as a free game with in-app purchases.

Wally Home Smart Monitoring System

Our lake house in Pennsylvania has had its share of issues. Hit by lightning a minimum of 4 times, the electrical system had to be entirely replaced and a surge system installed. Then there was the water heater that burst, ran for a few days and destroyed the first floor. OUCH! The Wally Home will help prevent such future issues.

Help Dad Make It Through Father’s Day With a Necktie Flask

Father’s Day is Sunday June 15, which should give you just enough time to order and receive this 8 oz flask disguised as a tie. Dad is certain to enjoy his special day even more wearing his necktie flask; to drink just hold the rear portion and sip. Perfect for work, school plays, sporting events, funerals.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition Review

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition showcases several easy-to-use practical functions. It has a large display, considerable battery life, unique S Pen features, fast quad-core processor, and dual cameras. This tablet has 3GB of RAM and includes memory up to 32GB. Models include SM-p600 Wi-Fi; SM-P601 3G; SM-P605 3G+LTE and SM-P600 (no support for GSM voice communication, SMS, and MMS).

SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition Launches on at 75% Off!

When SimCity launched last year, it had ‘issues’ – bugs, online access problems, lack of ‘game’, and more – and the most common ‘solutions’ or suggestions? Go back and play SimCity 4. Released in 2003, it has remained the best city builder game for a decade, and now it is on for only $4.99, 75% off!

Speck Acquired by Samsonite!

The folks at Speck know how to protect your phone; the folks at Samsonite protect your clothes, electronics, and other gear when you’re on the go. Now they’re combining forces, as Samsonite is reportedly acquiring Speck for a whopping 85 million dollars! Sena, Lifeproof, and now Speck have all been acquired…the age of case manufacturer consolidation is clearly upon us!  

Pocket Premium – $44.99 Per Year So Your Content Never Disappears

Online link and content saver Pocket (formerly Read It Later) today unveiled a paid version for $5/mo or $44.99 / year which could be of interest to anyone who frequently saves web content for later review. Unlike the unpaid app version, the  paid edition will automatically download linked pages and create permanent versions of content of links you’ve saved.

Griffin Slim Keyboard Folio for the iPad Mini

I am a huge fan of writing via my iPad. Since I rarely sit at a desk or table except at work, I love the flexibility of writing on the go or from my couch. Basically, I’m the perfect candidate for something like the Griffin Slim Keyboard Folio for the iPad Mini. But will it dethrone my existing keyboard options?

Harman Kardon Esquire Bluetooth Speaker Isn’t Kid’s Stuff

Over the past few years I have come to appreciate the fact that great industrial design and quality audio are not mutually exclusive. One of the companies that consistently proves it possible to have speakers (or headphones) that look gorgeous and sound great is Harman Kardon. The Harman Kardon Esquire Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect example.

Take Your Music Everywhere With the JBL Clip

I’m a huge fan of JBL products . The speakers and headphones from them that we have reviewed have consistently impressed. I’m working on a review of the JBL Flip 2, and I’m blown away by the small speaker. If, however, you want something even smaller than the Flip 2, you’ll want to check out the JBL Clip.

Rokform Fuzion Plus and Fuzion Plus RMS Cases Get Your Phone Off Its Butt

Own a phone or smart device and participate in an active lifestyle? Looking for unique new ways to go hands-free? You may want to check out Rokform and its new Rokform Fuzion Plus and Fuzion Plus RMS. Rokform makes phone cases and mounting systems for home and office as well as just about anything you can push, pedal, ride or drive.

Iglo Pulse: Fiber Optic Headphones that Pulsate to the Music’s Beat!

Whether you run at night or you just want to be seen in the dark, the iGlo Pulse headphones are the world’s first to “pulsate to the beat of your music using fiber optic technology.” Take calls, listen to your music,  and enjoy hours of lights due to the headphone’s rechargeable battery. Available in either blue or green for $29.95.

Choo-San: It’s Only Paint, but It’s Email Worth Opening

All the forwarded email said was ” It’s Only Paint; Body painting by a 19-year old Japanese girl”. A bit of searching reveals the artist’s name to be Choo-San, and her work has been featured on Reddit, Odee, LaughingSquid, the Daily Mail UK, and other sites. Some of these are so realistic that they are hard to look at!