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Flips Is a Visual Messaging App You Have to See to Believe

You can never have enough messaging apps. If you’re one of those folks who enjoy staying connected to your friends and you’re looking for an alternative that will work seamlessly, the new app Flips, might just be for you. Flips is a visually-powered messaging app that lets you picture your words from a flipbook-style perspective. With the ability to take a photo, select an image from your library, or you can even shoot a video, attach it to a word, and simply share it with a friend. By capturing the moments, it goes far beyond texting, emojis, or some type…

Tensio’s Apple Watch App Helps Manage Your Blood Pressure

You’ve probably read hundreds of articles about the Apple Watch this week, and the companion apps for them, as there are now over 3000 that are compatible for the popular smartwatch, but the Tensio app for Apple’s wrist wear is in a class all its own; it helps you manage your blood pressure.

Your Kid Can Bring Wall-E To Life AND Learn At The Same Time With Codie

If you’re a parent that is looking to future proof your kids for a job in programming, Hungarian startup Codie has launched a crowdfund campaign for CODIE, a toy that teaches logical and critical thinking to kids. Geared for kids between the ages of 8 to 12, Codie teaches kids how to code while building their problem-solving skills. Using Indiegogo they have already reached over half of their $70,000 target with this gadget for children. Codie is a laser-cut wood robot that you’d expect in a Toy Story movie, that can be guided by children through an iOS app (Android…

DataMan’s Data Monitoring App is Apple Watch Ready

With the Apple Watch set to hit the stores in a few days, you’ll be delighted to know that the DataMan app has been updated so you can track your phone’s data instantly on your new Apple Watch.   Now optimized with just the right amount of information, you can see everything about your phone’s data just with a glance at your wrist. The simple yet colorful design of the app makes everything easy to read as well. You’ll immediately know if you’re safe from busting your data cap (for those of you who surrendered your unlimited data that is). DataMan…

Nixplay Edge 13 Inch Digital Cloud Frame Is Picture Perfect

At $249.99 the 13 inch Nixplay Edge Digital Frame is pricey. But for that price you get a gorgeous high-definition display, the ability to pull images from the cloud, send images directly from your mobile device or side load them from an SD card. The frame offers plenty of settings and delivers stunning images. And that’s just the beginning.

Recon Instruments Now Shipping Jet Smart Glasses

Earlier this week, Canada-based Recon Instruments finally announced the launch of their Jet Smart Glass sports eyewear, after redesigning the device and delays to its release two years ago.   The Recon Jet Glasses are for those athletes that have a thing for funky looking sunglasses, especially now with the fall of Google Glass (although Recon states that they have been working on the idea before Google began). With the glasses being one of the latest wearable tech devices that focus on sports and health, the Recon Jets sport a 1GHz dual-core ARM Corte-A9 processor; 1GB of RAM; 8GB of…

iOS Exclusive Open-World Survival Game Radiation Island Available on Mac

One of my favorite iOS games of 2015 so far is Radiation Island. It is a first-person open-world survival game with gorgeous graphics, engaging emergent gameplay, and the ability to shape your own course through the adventure. Also a variety of enemies, weapons, locations and hazards, and tools to craft! Now Radiation Island is available on Mac for just $2.99!

Graven: The Purple Moon Prophecy on iOS

Have you ever played a game where you’re told that the world is in imminent danger from untold evil that only you can stop, yet you keep meeting people who task you with collecting berries and wolf skins? Fortunately that isn’t the case with Graven The Purple Moon Prophecy, where you have 7 hours before a terrible prophecy comes true!

The AmpStrip Is a Comfortable All-Day Monitoring Wearable

I’m not the greatest at keeping tabs on the things I do at the gym, and I’m even worse at tracking my performance. Even on the treadmill, grasping the monitor grips while running full speed is pretty dangerous. Luckily Fitlinxx’s AmpStrip is one of those products that might stop me from injuring myself.

Get Around the World Faster with Travel Companion ‘Eighty’

With Spring now in full bloom, that can only mean one thing — and that’s vacation! Now you can prepare the easiest way possible with the new travel App, Eighty. Eighty / Always-On Travel from Eighty on Vimeo.   Eighty is an always-On travel companion app that allows you to receive early booking alerts and notifications for your vacations and getaways.                The app is designed to help travelers enjoy inspiration-seeking and the sharing phase of vacations and getaways. With features like the ability to build a travel wish list, you can remember to pick up that…

CubeSensors Are One Activity Monitor You Need in Your Home

One thing that I have trouble with the most is sleep. I tend to never get enough of it, and even when I try to “oversleep” on the weekends, I still feel like groggy. I purchased a Jawbone Up to help monitor my sleep as a result and even though it does a good job, I’ve always longed to know more about my poor sleeping habits.

Todoist for iOS Gets an Update

Todoist for iOS today received an update which, among other things, enhances the task management application so it now understand dates within your typed tasks, adds  themes (no more default red color!),  allows for  drag and dropping of tasks and more.

Gmail (Finally) Gets One Inbox

Will miracles never cease? Google just announced  their Gmail client now offers a universal inbox experience. Finally! Now instead of flipping between multiple accounts in the native Gmail app, you can click “All Inboxes” and view email from all your Gmail and non-Gmail accounts.

CNNgo Is the Latest Channel for Apple TV

Earlier this week, CNN announced that Apple TV would be gaining their CNNgo app channel. On Wednesday, Apple silently pushed an update to their Apple TV with the CNNGo app, that taps into the CNNgo service (which requires a subscription to a pay-tv partner).

Apple App Store App of the Week: Tangent

Every week Apple picks a new app of the week to feature in their App Store. The App of the week of March 26th is photography app Tangent. Normally priced at $1.99, Tangent is now available for the low, low price of free.