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Yatra Aquatune 5712 Is Ready for Your Next Journey

If your life is a journey, Yatra wants to tag along. The technology product company prides itself in designing creative yet rugged items to help bridge our active, tech-forward lifestyles. Yatra itself is an ancient word for journey or voyage passage and Yatra products, like the Aquatune 5712 waterproof Bluetooth speaker we just tested, want to journey with you.

JBL Charge 3 Offers Kick-Ass Waterproof Sound with Power to Go

JBL describes the JBL Charge 3 as a “waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker with a high-capacity battery to charge your portable devices.” Available in black, blue, grey, red and teal, the speaker puts out serious sound, can go pretty much anywhere you want to go and doubles as an external battery for your smartphone. At $149.95 it’s a bargain.

The WetSuit Impact By Dog & Bone for iPhone 6s Plus Review

There are plenty of waterproof cases on the market, all promising you the ability of being virtually “every-thing” proof, then at the end giving you one or two things that you have to compromise in order to make the case functional. This isn’t the case with the Dog & Bone Waterproof Case for the iPhone 6s Plus. The first time I actually heard about the Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact was actually while browsing YouTube, and stumbling across a full video review from our friend Aaron from MobileReviewsEh where he put the Dog and Bone Wetsuit through an EXTENSIVE review…

Barnes and Noble Announces New WATERPROOF Nook!

It’s easy to write off Barnes and Noble as the underdog in the ebook space; Amazon has clearly and thoroughly claimed the majority of the marketshare. B&N may be down, but they’re not out, and they’ve stumbled across a niche in ebooks that Amazon HASN’T conquered yet. They made a waterproof, dustproof NOOK GlowLight.

Scosche BoomBOTTLE+ Waterproof Wireless Speaker: Outdoor Music Needs Met

Summer may be almost over, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty more opportunities to spend time outdoors. Since the changing seasons can bring unpredictable conditions, when you’re outside the Scosche boomBOTTLE+ Waterproof Wireless Speaker is a great sound solution! It’s ruggedized, waterproof, and it can fit in your bike’s bottle holder or your 4×4’s cup holder!

SCOSCHE boomBOTTLE+: Rugged, Waterproof, and Wireless Sound

Summer may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be plenty of opportunities to be outside listening to your favorite music. Rather than worrying that your favorite wireless speaker might get damaged by the elements, you can enjoy great sound with the rugged, waterproof, and wireless SCOSCHE boomBOTTLE+.

DryCASE for Smartphones Lets Your Gear Go for a Swim

When we were in Aruba snorkeling, I was able to use a 4th generation iPod touch in a LifeProof case to shoot some under-water video. The experience made me an even stronger believer in the whole LifeProof approach to gear protection. There are, however, times you might want to waterproof your phone or media player, but not have it in a LifeProof case. That’s where one of the products from DryCASE can come in rather handy. Unlike the LifeProof approach which places your gadget in a specialized case, the DryCASE approach lets you use your device in a standard, non-waterproof case…

The ePool Smart System Swimming Pool Wireless Monitoring System Review

One of the things that makes living in West Texas bearable during the “hot months” — you know, mid-April to early September (when the temperatures consistently hover around 100º) — is having a pool or favorite watering hole that you can use to cool down in. We have a freestanding 30’x6′ concrete stock tank not far from our back door. While the primary function of this tank is to hold water which pipes to a trough our livestock drink from, we have also outfitted it with a regular pool filtration system so we can enjoy algae-free swimming; it’s pretty much awesome, and we…

Add a Swimming Pool Nearly Anywhere!

I rented a house on Lake Nasworthy, or “Lake Nasty Water” as the San Angelo locals call it, back in 1995. It was a cute blue two-bedroom bungalow with a huge great room in the back that looked out on the lake. I had a boathouse that held my Sea-Doo, and when the mood struck, I’d go for a ride. Living on the lake was great for everything … except swimming. The water was murky, there was at least a foot of muddy sludge at the bottom, and there were water moccasins in the shallow areas. Not that I would…

Eton’s Solar-Powered Rukus Is Ready for the Pool

  Warm weather is just about here, which means you’ll likely be spending more time outdoors — hopefully at the beach or pool! Assuming that you are careful about the obvious hazards such as water, sand, and too much sun, the next hurdle to outdoors musical enjoyment is finding a power source. Sun worshippers who have the new Eton Rukus, the “first portable Bluetooth sound system with a solar panel”, will be able to enjoy their favorite songs streamed wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled mobile device. They can also keep their device charged through the Rukus’ integrated USB charging port. It has…

Proporta Beach Buoy Review

The summer travel season is fast coming upon us.  In fact, here in Columbus we have a day in the 80’s predicted already! While it’s still not warm enough to go swimming, when you do finally take the plunge you may want to take this with you.