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April 5, 2012 • News

50 Cent’s SMS Audio Releases STREET by 50 In-Ear Wired Headphones

      It’s always interesting to see which celebrities will put their name on a particular product, but it’s even more interesting when a celebrity decides that rather than put his name on a product, he’ll just create his own company. That’s what 50 did; he is the CEO of SMS Audio, and every product they produce is …

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March 3, 2012 • Reviews

Skullcandy 2011 Chops Buds review

We reviewed the Skullcandy Fix In-Ear last summer. (Read the full review.) The $69.99 earbuds sound quite good and I continue to enjoy using them. The company happens to make earbuds in a variety of price-ranges and that includes the $19.99 Skullcandy Chop Buds. For under $20, though, how good can the things actually be? …

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January 30, 2012 • Music Diary, Reviews

Plantronics GameCom 780 Dolby 7.1 Gaming Headset Review

Most modern games come with some use of stereo sound, and games with higher budgets make use of Dolby Surround Sound to provide realistic experiences of being surrounded and FEELING the impact of what is going on around you. If you are using a pair of Apple earbuds in your gaming laptop … you are …

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January 23, 2012 • News

One Good Earbud, One Brilliant Idea?

I have said many times that running with headphones in is not a good idea. It’s dangerous for multiple reasons; you can’t hear cars, animals, or people coming up behind you. Even with the music turned down you lose a sense of what’s around you. The common suggestion is usually to leave one earbud out, …

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January 11, 2012 • Events, News

YurBuds Ironman Pro Earbuds Stay In… Even If You Do Backflips!

  Here at CES last year I was introduced to a new earbud company. YurBuds was offering their Inspire earbuds. The bright red earpieces stood out and promised a degree of comfort and “stay-putt-edness” that is in great demand among people who  listen to music while doing a strenuous activity. I was skeptical but ended up …

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December 23, 2011 • Reviews

Eskuché 33i and Control-i Headphones Review

Back in November we brought a pair of on-ear headphones to your attention that look great, sound good and don’t break the bank. At under $70 for each pair eskuché’s 33i and Control-i headphones are worth considering if you’ve been looking for a pair of on-ear headphones that include an in-line mic. We’ve had both …

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December 23, 2011 • Reviews

The Arctic E461-BM Earphones Review

I have reviewed a number of earphone solutions in just about every price range; yes, I do have a problem. If it were up to me, I would try all earphones with the goal of  finding the perfect fit and sound. Earphones are an interesting product because you can find them anywhere from a few …

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December 19, 2011 • News

Rebecca Minkoff’s Offbeat Fashionista iPhone Accessories, Knuckles and Zipped Up

If most of the iPhone 4 and 4S cases you’ve seen have been too boring, then you might enjoy the “Knuckles” case by Rebecca Minkoff ($58).  You certainly wouldn’t have to worry about dropping your phone when it’s in this silicone case, and the added benefit (?) is that when you hold the case a certain …

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December 4, 2011 • Reviews

ZAGGsmartbud Review Redux

Back in February of 2010 I reviewed the ZAGGsmartbuds. At the time, this was my conclusion So are the ZAGGsmartbuds worth their $79.99 price? Absolutely. They are comfortable to wear for extended periods, sound very good and, thanks to the Hangin’ Tight system, have what is probably the best cable-management system I have used. At …

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November 25, 2011 • News

Eskuché 33i and Control-i headphone Headphones Look Great and Won’t Break the Bank

Is it more important to have headphones that look good, sound good or are priced right? eskuché doesn’t think it needs to be a choice and their $69 33i and Control-i headphones are here to make the point. Here’s a quick look at both and what the company has to say about them. We’re hoping …

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November 18, 2011 • Reviews

Andrea SuperBeam Phones SB-405 Stereo Headset Review

If you are into voice recognition, then you need to have a good microphone. It’s a basic fact of life. Yes, you can use the built-in microphone on the MacBook Air (for example), and you’ll probably get good results. But if you want great results you’ll need something that’s going to help filter out the …

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November 9, 2011 • News

Andrea’s SuperBeam Phones On-Ear Headphones Go “Boom-less”

I’ve used a number of Andrea headphones for voice recognition in the past, and I’ve always been impressed. The company’s SuperBeam Phones are a departure from previous models, and I’m really loving the design choices that went into creating them. They are sleek on-ear headphones that drop the microphone boom, but still offer great voice quality. …

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September 28, 2011 • Gaming, Reviews

Gaming Headset Review: Sharkoon X-Tatic SR Surround Sound Headphones

It is hard to believe, but not everyone wants to listen as you pump sound from video games through your home theater system. That is why there are gaming headsets to begin with – they provide a microphone, but can also provide very sensitive audio … or blast your face off with mega-sound! I use …

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September 23, 2011 • Reviews

Headphone Accessory Review: Sinch Let’s You and Your Phone Go Tangle Free

  Cords and cables… they seem to be everywhere. and most of the time they are a tangled mess. Sure you can use a Bluetooth headset but they need to be recharged and Bluetooth is less than reliable at times. (I’m being nice.) The Sinch seeks to end the mess of tangle headphone wires that …

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September 21, 2011 • Reviews

Review: iFrogz Legion Earbuds and iFrogz Split

Sometimes all you need is a set of headphones.  No microphone integrated and no bells and whistles except great looks.  The Legion ear buds from iFrogz fit the bill really nicely.  By the way, the name Legion comes from the X-men character.  Will the earbuds fit the name?  Let’s find out. When I first saw …

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September 20, 2011 • News, Reviews

Review: iFrogz Vertex Headphones with Mic

The folks at iFrogz were kind enough to send me a set of their brand new Vertex line of headphones to check out.  Will they sounds as good as they look?  Follow along for a detailed look at all the features of the Vertex Headphones. It used to be that if you wanted a wired …

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September 19, 2011 • News

Review: iFrogz Timbrepro Headphones with Mic

I have always loved iFrogz unique headphone designs.  They are always eye-catching and usually sound pretty good to boot.  They aren’t top of the line, but they are far from the worst I have ever tried.  That’s why I jumped at the chance to get a set of the new iFrogz Timbrepro Headphones sent to me for a review. …

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September 6, 2011 • Reviews

Bluetooth Headphone Review: Sennheiser MM450

As I have been reviewing more and more audio equipment one thing has become clear to me: you get what you pay for in the sound department. True, every now and then a lower-end audio product may surprise you but, as a general rule, the more you pay the more features and audio-quality you are …

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August 26, 2011 • Reviews

Audio PlayerReview: The JLab Wave Waterproof mp3 Player

A few weeks ago we took a look at the Monster Cable iSport waterproof headphones. They are pricey but sound great and are, in fact, truly waterproof. They are machine washable!! If you don’t need the same level of audio quality but still want waterproof headphones JLab’s Wave headset is worth a look. While the …

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August 23, 2011 • Reviews

Earbud Accessory Review: Acoustibuds and Acoustigrips

(Editorial note: Try as I might to get useful images of these products for some reason it just wasn’t happening. Therefore you will see mostly stock images in this review but they ARE representative of the actual products.) We’ve been looking at a lot of different earbud and headphone offerings lately. A number of them, …

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August 12, 2011 • Reviews

Review: Able Planet SI350 Sport Earphone

Headphones… We’ve check out a bunch. Some have impressed us. Some… Not so much. So when a new pair of headphones come on the market we want to check them out. And when they come from a company we know we are even more interest. That’s the case here with the new offerings from Able …

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