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TuneWiki for iPhone Review

After first glance TuneWiki is just an app that subtitles iPod music synced while the song plays.  The app proves to be more than that.  Some good and some kind of meh.  There are actually four parts to the app so I will cover each part. Music: This tab is really the meat of TuneWiki.  Basically, the app acts as… Read More ›

Mobile Edge ECO Messenger Laptop Bag Review

To frame for a second just how eco-centric my family is, let me give an example: on our recent vacation to Ohio, we returned with two trash bags full of recyclable materials because we found the recycling in the area we stayed inadequate. Also, a recent report showed that simultaneous to an explosion of ‘green’ advertising, as many as 98%… Read More ›

Card Ninja for iPhone/iPod Touch Review

Card Ninja has consistently been ranked as one of the most popular games in the iTunes App Store. The game recently received a significant update which most importantly includes the ability to save your game for maximum level-conquering and you can now compare scores with other players worldwide. Card Ninja is integrating with the OpenFeint platform, allowing players to monitor… Read More ›

“How-To”: Run the Slingbox iPhone application on 3G

Back in May I wrote this tutorial which detailed the process for using the iPhone application VOIPover3G on your Jailbroken iPhone to get around Apple’s limitation of only being able to use the Slingbox application for the iPhone over Wifi. Once iPhone OS 3.0 was released the VOIPover3G application stopped working.  It was not compatible with the 3.0 update. Turns… Read More ›

Review: Snaztech Phantom from Unlimited Case

The guys at Unlimited Case recently released another custom designed case to their ever growing line up of products for the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch. The Snaztech Phantom, for the iPhone 3G/3G S,  is a frosted case that comes in two colors, Artic White and Glacier Blue. Unlimited Case was kind enough to send me a Glacier Blue case… Read More ›

Skitch – GD Must-Have Mac Applications

There are a host of applications that allow you to grab images from your computer’s screen. I’ve tried a number of them and many do a terrific job. For simple screenshots I use Evernote since those images are immediately synced with my online account. For those times when I want to do more with an image such as add text,… Read More ›

KindleGate Blows Up In Amazon’s Face

UPDATE: The following update appeared on David Pogue’s Times column. EDITOR’S NOTE | 8:41 p.m. The Times published an article explaining that the Orwell books were unauthorized editions that Amazon removed from its Kindle store. However, Amazon said it would not automatically remove purchased copies of Kindle books if a similar situation arose in the future. My Note- It doesn’t… Read More ›

SplashTravel for iPhone Review

SplashData has been creating software for mobile devices since 2000, beginning with Palm software and the SplashWallet suite. As new platforms began to gain traction, SplashData expanded and began releasing software for them (BlackBerry, Series 60), and for a year now they’ve been releasing applications for the iPhone. One of their most recent releases is a version of their travel application, SplashTravel,… Read More ›

HTC Magic Review Part 2

It’s been  a month now since I posted my first impressions, and it’s time to fess up my thoughts on the HTC Magic. Truth be told, it has truly surprised me! User Interface The Android user interface is simple yet elegant, and was definitely designed with finger actions in mind. Unlike Windows Mobile, Android never makes you wish for a… Read More ›

Review: Fawski Feeder

There are close to a million choices when it comes to bowl feeders for your dog. Most are of the plain jane variety, either stainless steel or hard plastic. A few are ceramic and have painted designs on them. But what about those people who leave their dog’s bowls out all day and are interested in maintaining the overall look… Read More ›

Review: ArmPocket Sport 20

Have you ever wanted to take your smartphone with you on a workout, but your workout shorts don’t have pockets and neither does your T-Shirt?  What would you do?  Well you could order a arm band for your prospective device, but one downside to this is you must buy a new one when you buy a device that doesn’t fit… Read More ›

2009 Cadillac Escalade Platinum Hybrid SUV

As General Motors enters its new generation, we are still testing vehicles designed and produced in its former life. The brand may have been resurrected, but much of what consumers will see over the next few years are the same products GM has been delivering – which is to say that while there are many bright spots in the lineup,… Read More ›

ColorSplash – iPhone App Review

Yesterday Larry posted about his favorite new iPhone Photography app Pix Remix. It made him go “Wow” and, after following his advice and purchasing it, I had to second his “Wow!” It has now been added to the collection of image editing apps I keep on my iPhone.

AppMiner Review

AppMiner lets you browse more of the top apps, gives you a better search, finds price drops, lets you customize your categories and much more. Best of all, we are offering this app for FREE, so get it before we come to our senses! With the App Store’s birthday here, the amount of apps available is overwhelming!  We all need… Read More ›

Review: Mass Effect Galaxy for iPhone

There is a fine somewhere between cynicism and being an actively suspicious consumer … and when I heard about the release of a game called Mass Effect Galaxy on the iTunes App Store that would somehow tie into the upcoming Mass Effect 2 for the PC & XBOX360, I had a hard time deciding which of the two feelings was… Read More ›