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Review: Speck’s Updated CandyShell iPhone Case

Speck Products has been making cases and protective products for a wide range of laptops, mp3 players, and smartphones since 2001.  Earlier this spring we took a look at one of Speck’s newest cases, the CandyShell for the iPhone 3G and 3GS.  The CandyShell is an interesting concept with a hard plastic outer shell that slides nicely into and out of pockets and a softer interior that is intended to provide cushioning in the event of a drop or hard bump. Speck recently updated the CandyShell line with five new color combinations: BubbleMaker Pink, BatWing Black, AquaBerry Blue, WaxStick White,…

Is Rebel Scholar asking for negative reviews to be pulled?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ldBBWzWpNnw Seems that Geardiary isn’t the only site to receive communication from Rebel Scholar concerning a case review. Below is the email Larry received concerning his review of the Rebel Scholar Door God. “Dear Larry,” Our legal team has closely monitored your post on: http://www.geardiary.com/2009/07/23/rebel-scholar-was-i-duped/ and has found your review unacceptable. In your post, you compare the product in the box to the picture on the site, and the title of your post further substantiates a malicious attempt to defame REBEL SCHOLAR without proper justification/replication of the lighting environment/equipment used to take the picture. We also back up our claim…

Review: Cable Jive iStubz & Dock Extender

Cable Jive makes some really simple but very ingenious products for the iPhone and iPod. They were kind enough to send along their iStubz charge and sync cable as well as their Dock Extender Cable for review. These two cables serve different purposes and both provide a great solution for your iPhone or iPod charge and sync as well as overall daily needs.

Protect Your Gear With BodyGuardz: iPhone 3GS Review

Unlike our Gear Diary friend Larry Greenberg, I only have one case for my iPhone 3GS, and am not sure how much I like carrying it with a case.  The case for me has been primarily for protection.  Yes, I found a case that I think looks cool, but I do not care for the added size of my phone.  There are many cheap clear films to protect your gadget, but few work very well.  I carry my iPhone in my front pocket and love to use it in the size and shape in which it was produced.  I recently…

Review: CASECROWN iPhone Polycarbonate Slim Case

CASECROWN is a southern California based company founded by self described gadget lovers. They were kind enough to send me one of their polycarbonate cases for the iPhone 3G/3gS to review. An extremely simplistic case, the polycarbonate slim case is one of the most affordable snap on back covers I’ve seen.

Review: Fun Booth for iPhone

I recently reviewed a fun new application for the Mac OS called Fun Booth 2. The application allows you to snap pictures of yourself and then add fun props to the picture.  You can also use the props while video chatting or e-mail/upload finished images to your friends and family. Spoonjuice, the developer of Fun Booth 2 for the Mac, recently submitted a version of the application to the iTunes App Store for approval and allowed me to test it out before it gets released.

RichardSolo BluePack S3 Review

I’ve been a big fan of the products distributed by RichardSolo since I reviewed their first iPhone battery for JustAnotheriPhoneBlog. That battery provided an extra 1200mAh of juice. I liked it! Then Richard gave me the opportunity to review the RichardSolo 1800 for iPhone. It was a bit bigger, bumped the extra runtime significantly and added a flashlight. I liked it even more. Now RichardSolo has introduced the BluePack S3. It ups the storage to a mind-blowing 2600mAh. That should be enough juice for even the heaviest iPhone user to never need to carry a wall charger again. That, however, isn’t…

Rebel Scholar – Was I duped?

Rebel Scholar is somewhat new to the world of iPhone cases.  They feature a wide range of slider cases each with a unique design. The company touts itself, somewhat brashly I might add, as the clear choice over its main competitor the Incase Slider and features in their blog reasons why you’d be foolish to purchase an Incase instead of one of the Rebel Scholar products. I’m okay with companies being bold when it comes to their product, as long as they’re right, and as long as they back it up when they are not. I recently placed an order for…

Review: Snaztech Phantom from Unlimited Case

The guys at Unlimited Case recently released another custom designed case to their ever growing line up of products for the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch. The Snaztech Phantom, for the iPhone 3G/3G S,  is a frosted case that comes in two colors, Artic White and Glacier Blue. Unlimited Case was kind enough to send me a Glacier Blue case for review. Click through to see how the Phantom stacks up.

Review: Belkin Breaks iPhone Users Out of Case Boredom With New Lineup

Just the other day I was discussing the state of the current lineup of iPhone cases with a fellow blogger.  We were both remarking how disappointed we’d become with the current stock of cases available on the market.  It just seems as if there hasn’t been anything new released for quite some time. Well Belkin has come to the rescue. I knew that Belkin was one of a select group of case manufacturers that had planned to launch an entire new line of cases in conjunction with the launch of the iPhone 3G S. I recently received 3 review samples…

iFrogz Crystal Clear Review, by Larry G

Gear Diary is proud to present a first ever video from Larry G the long lost cousin of Ali G. In his first video Larry G takes a look at the iPhone Crystal Clear Case for the iPhone 3G and 3G S. Does he like it?  Well you’ll just have to watch……

Review: JAVOedge Jelly Case for iPhone 3G &3G S

Getting yourself a new iPhone 3GS and want to make sure it keeps looking like it did when you first pulled it out of the box?  Or have the iPhone 3G and just need a new case to spice things up a bit? JAVOedge recently released a new line of cases called the “Jelly.”  These cases, offered in five colors, do a great job of protecting your phone while adding some style at the same time.

Case-Mate Fuel Battery For iPhone 3G (And Now iPhone 3G S)

Among the good news with the upcoming iPhone 3GS is the additional battery life of anywhere between 10 and 20%. That will be a welcome addition as the iPhone 3G was, at best, problematic with regard to battery life.  At the same time, however, even with 10 to 20% of additional run-time there is no question I’ll be burning through my iPhone’s battery long before the day is through. (Yes, I use it that much.) Thankfully, there are a host of extra battery options available and every one, while designed for the iPhone 3G, will continue to work with the…

Review: Snaztech Epic for iPhone 3G

A few weeks ago I wrote a Diary Entry about a new company selling cases for the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch.  Unltd. Case has added another case line to their online catalogue. The Snaztech Epic case, named after Unltd Case’s founder, YouTube reviewer thatsnazzyiphoneguy, is a simplistic back cover for the iPhone 3G but it has unique feature. No matter the color, and the Epic comes in 13 different color varieties, the back of the case looks exactly like the back of the iPhone 3G, including the Apple logo.

Review: PDair Luxury Silicone Case for iPhone 3G

If there’s one thing PDair is not short on it’s cases for the iPhone.  Their catalogue of cases is huge!  From metal to leather to silicone to everything in between they are sure to have a case that fits each individual’s own sense of style. I was recently sent the PDair Luxury Silicone case for the iPhone 3G to review.

Griffin TuneFlex AUX SmartClick

  Like many of the people here at Gear Diary, I am a gadget freak.  I have mobile gadgets, gadgets in my house, and gadgets in my car.  The problem with all these gadgets, of course, is all the cables and wires that go along with the gadgets.  In the car, at least, Griffin has addressed part of my problem with their TunFlex AUX SmartClick.  It allows you to mount your iPhone on a lighter-based stand, eliminating the power cord.  So does it work well?  Read on…

Pogo iPhone/iPod Touch Stylus from Ten 1 Design

I know, I know, why would anyone need a stylus for their iPhone or iPod Touch?  It’s designed to be finger friendly, right?  Well there are a few reasons I can think of and I’ll bet, if you think about it, you’ll think of them too.  Still not sure?  Read on to find out and learn if the Pogo fits the bill!

Review: Gogo iPhone 3G Cases

Do you want to keep the form factor of your iPhone 3G in tact but still protect the back from scratches and scuffs?  Gogo makes high quality snap on back covers for the iPhone 3G.  The have a variety of lines and styles to choose from. The best part about Gogo cases is they’re scratch proof.  Weighing at 1 ounce and adding less than 1 mm of bulk to your iPhone, these cases keep the shape and feel of your iPhone. I was recently sent cases from their Mirror Series and from their Royal Series to review.

Review: iSkin Revo 2 for iPhone 3G

The iSkin Revo was one of the most popular cases for the first generation iPhone.  How does the Revo 2 for the iPhone 3G measure up?  There’s no denying the Revo 2 is jammed packed with features.  It offers several layers of protection and comes in a variety of color combinations.

Dome Skin Skins For iPods and iPhones – Review

I don’t like clear invisible skin protection on my devices. I know a lot of people swear by them. I know they provide excellent protection. Unfortunately, I’m just not a fan. I don’t particularly like the way they look, and I definitely don’t like the way they feel. It’s a shame because there’s no question that they gave the best consistent protection to delicate electronic devices like the iPhone. As a result, I tend to use larger, heavier cases; it’s okay but it’s not as nice or as delicate of a solution. That’s why I was interested to learn about…