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February 23, 2013 • Rants and Raves

Cablevision vs FiOS – Choosing Bundled Cable Options

We are finally getting close to moving into our new home, and of course my number one priority is getting the Internet up and running. There are two choices for our area, Cablevision or Verizon FiOS, and both are relatively similar. We had both at our old house, so we are fairly familiar with the …

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February 20, 2013 • News

FCC Cellular Signal Boosters Certification Specifications Adopted Today

I’ve made no secret of the fact that if it weren’t for the Wilson Electronics AG Pro 75 Celluar Signal Booster, mobile phone service at my house would be pitiful; we would have likely had to incur the (possibly substantial) expense of putting in a landline. I live outside a rural community and in the middle …

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November 13, 2012 • News

Verizon Snags the HTC DROID DNA

Just in case you had any illusions that phones weren’t headed solidly into phablet territory, here comes the latest fully loaded 5″ device to challenge your phone-carrying pockets. note the spiffy red racing strip on the DNA’s side Today the DROID DNA by HTC was announced, and it will be available before the end of …

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November 9, 2012 • Gear Bits

No Voice or Text Overages for Hurricane Sandy Victims on Verizon Wireless

One of the side effects of hurricane Sandy here in New Jersey were widespread power outages. As a result, phone lines that ran through cable went offline, people didn’t have easy access to Facebook or email, and even voice calls over cell phones became very spotty. The only quasi-reliable way to get a message to …

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November 1, 2012 • Gear Bits

In Defense of Landlines

This week had a rough start here in New Jersey. Something like 80% of the state lost power, and we were no exception in our household. While we don’t have a landline, we do have cell phones, and were extremely grateful to never lose signal, even as cable and then electricity dropped. Our neighbor across …

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September 21, 2012 • Reviews

The Verizon HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE Review

all photos by Kevin Stanford It’s hard not to get excited when a new phone shows up for review, especially when one boasts all of the bells and whistles found in the HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE. This particular Droid model was announced earlier this year at CTIA, and I have been using it off …

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September 21, 2012 • News

Just say NO to Verizon Add-On Services!

My cubemate at work asked me a question about his wife’s phone, a Samsung Android device. See, his wife dropped her phone and her screen shattered, of course.  When the replacement arrived, we switched the SIM over, and everything was set … or so we thought.  All of her contacts were missing.  To make sure …

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July 20, 2012 • News

AT&T Joins the Shared Data Game

So I’m working though my latest summer sinus headache and I see the news – AT&T has finally announced (as expected) that they are going to follow Verizon in offering shared data plans.  And, like Verizon’s offering, the plans all include unlimited voice and texting plus a fixed amount of data.  The primary difference you …

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July 1, 2012 • News

Do Verizon’s “Share Everything” Plans Actually Save You Money?

Verizon recently debuted new “Share Everything” plans that combine unlimited texting and voice with shared data pools. Prices depend on how many devices are in use and how much data you want. But is it actually a good deal? I ran Verizon’s calculator to find out. Here’s how our current bill breaks down: Monthly access …

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May 28, 2012 • Rants and Raves

Open Letter to Verizon: When Silence Is a Bad Thing

Dear Verizon, First, before I go on, let me say that I am pretty pleased with my Galaxy Nexus.  I want to say this before I go into this short, but justified, rant.  I say this because what I am about to say may be considered negative towards the device itself.  That’s not the case. …

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May 17, 2012 • Gear Bits, News

Sometimes Verizon Expands LTE into Areas Not Listed on Updates!

Each week Verizon expands their massive high-speed LTE network into new areas and buildt out existing areas. Unfortunately for me, neither my home nor my main work office is in LTE coverage, though my office in our main engineering building offers me a tease of high speeds once every week or two. This week as …

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May 7, 2012 • Events, News

HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE Revealed at CTIA

Were you under the impression that most Droids were made by Motorola? I’ll admit that for a while, when I heard Droid that was my first thought — probably because of the Motorola Droid commercials that used to constantly be on. But as you can see by the title (and by the past HTC Droid …

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April 29, 2012 • News

Hands on with Motorola Droid 4 Pre-ICS ROM Update!

Verizon and Motorola are notoriously slow at getting updates, which was something I knew when I bought my Droid 4. They laid out their plans for the Ice Cream Sandwich Android operating system for their various phones, which is reportedly about to start. As a preliminary step, Verizon has started seeding updates to several phones …

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April 16, 2012 • News

Buying an iPhone, Despite Verizon’s Best Efforts!

Dan’s wife Elana was not the only Gear Diary spouse to give in to the iPhone pressure this weekend-Sarah replaced her HTC Incredible with a 16GB 4S! However, the Verizon salesman betrayed his Android fanboy colors during our sales experience. You see, the salesman approached us and asked Sarah what she was looking to purchase. …

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March 22, 2012 • Gear Bits

News Flash – You Can Use Up Your Data Plan Faster on Your iPad With 4G Speeds!

We already know that Dan is a heavy data user – AT&T has him nationally ranked, after all! Today Dan mentioned that in the first week with the new iPad he has already exceeded 2GB of usage. My usage has been much lower, but I am surrounded by WiFi much of the time – but …

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March 15, 2012 • Reviews

The Wilson Electronics AG Pro 75 Was Worth the Upgrade

It’s no secret that if you live or work in an area that isn’t in the middle of a strong cellular coverage zone, your mobile phone signal is going to suffer. That’s one of the things I knew I would have to deal with when I moved to the ranch, but I wasn’t about to let …

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January 30, 2012 • Rants and Raves

Verizon Customer Service Rocks!

Sarah and I are planning a trip abroad soon, and on my to-do list was to call Verizon and add international roaming to my iPhone. When I called the customer service line, I was incredibly impressed with how helpful they were, above and beyond what I had expected! As soon as I explained the purpose …

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January 11, 2012 • News

Wilson Electronics New Sleek 4G LTE Universal Cellular Signal Booster Rocks!

I’m a big fan of Wilson Electronics Cellular signal boosters, and I got to spend a little bit of time Joe Banos (their CEO) checking out their new 4G LTE Universal Cellular Signal Booster and learning about what’s going on in the booster market. Joe sees 2012 as the year that carriers will acknowledge that customers …

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December 30, 2011 • Editorials

Thank You For Calling Verizon Wireless, How May I Collect an Extra $2 (or not)?

Sorry about the Better Off Dead image, but when I saw this at Droid-Life yesterday that was all I could think of … Verizon Wireless as Johnny chasing Lane across the field and down the mountain in search of the $2 paper money. Here is the image more related to the new policy: According to …

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November 28, 2011 • Gear Bits

Droid 4 Revealed – Like a Moto Razr with a Slide-Out QWERTY Keyboard

When it comes to mobile devices I tend to be fairly platform agnostic, owning Android phones, iPod Touches (well, iPods since the original one in 2001), and both iPads and Android Tablets. But there is one place where I have clear bias (well, aside from gaming performance), and that is my preference for physical keyboards. …

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November 17, 2011 • Gear Bits

PSA: If You Are a Verizon Wireless Customer, Check Your Privacy Settings!

Whenever a wireless carrier discusses your private information, you can be sure of one thing: they are trying to squeeze more money out of you by leveraging your information, but know that if they don’t give you an opt-out they will have regulators breathing down their necks. So … this week we get an email …

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