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Crock-Pot Recipe App Review

Type of app: Cookbook Platform/where to buy: iOS Developer: Publications International Description: More than 250 Crock Pot recipes plus free bonus recipes each month Price: $3.99 in the App Store Major features: The app lets you search for recipes, add favorites to your recipe box, create shopping lists and meal plans. It also has a voice activated step by step… Read More ›

BlackBerry Q10 Hands On

Did I speak too soon when just yesterday, for probably the umpteenth time, I said that BlackBerry was dead? The jury is still out on that one, but perhaps I’ll be issuing an apology in the coming months — and make no mistake about it, that would be one apology that I would be happy to make. While I am… Read More ›

Activating and Using Parental Controls in iOS

It never ceases to amaze me how easily small children can grasp how to use an iPhone or iPad. This past weekend I watched my 18 month old nephew play with an iPhone, and he already knew how to flip through pictures (and stop and admire the ones of himself, of course.) But all this computer savvy from young kids… Read More ›

Dorcy LED Headlamp Review

I’ll admit that the first time Kev slipped his headlamp on to go do something outside in the dark, I smirked. Why not just carry a flashlight? Why go out of your way to look like a coal miner or a caver? I’m being facetious, of course. I totally understood why he would want to be able to do things… Read More ›

How to Listen to Text on Your iOS Device

Remember the commercial that went something like “Reading is fundamental”? It is but there are some times when it is far better to listen to an email or a document than read it. I had done this via an iOS app but then I learned that iPhones, iPads and iPod touches have the capability built right into the operating system… Read More ›

Aranez Ascend Case for the iPad mini Review

We’ve reviewed a number of products from including some iPhone and iPad cases and, most recently, a case for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Many of the cases we have used from the company are crafted from kangaroo leather, which is soft, supple and both looks and feels great. This time out we are looking at the first iPad mini… Read More ›

Mophie Outride Review

We take our iPhones absolutely everywhere. Mophie knows this, and they’ve made their name in offering extended batteries and battery cases. But now they are branching out and pushing more than just batteries. They know you want your iPhone to record the really amazing parts of life-the “Oh man, I wish you could see this”, the “Whoo hoo, that was… Read More ›

Windows 8 Pro $40 Upgrade Sale Ends 1/31/13

Microsoft’s sale of Windows 8 Pro for only $40 ends on Thursday.  If you haven’t taken advantage of the sale, time is quickly running out! If you’ve purchased a Windows 8 (Sadly, not Windows RT) tablet, ultrabook or other computer and you attempt to upgrade directly through the “Add Features To Windows” function, you do not get this discount, and the Pro… Read More ›