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Win One of Two X-Doria Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is about to start shipping. I have one and am excited to start using it. There are plenty of Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones currently in use, and the various X-Doria Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases available offer a great way to stylishly protect your smartphone without breaking the bank. We have two to give away. Read on…

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With Facebook Messenger FB Introduces Next Gen SMS/MMS to the Carriers

Yesterday Facebook announced the conscious uncoupling of their messaging feature from its core app. Some exceptions exist – such as if you use Paper (both of you) or some third world variant of their app. However this announcement started me thinking. Disbanding Facebook Messenger from the Facebook app as a whole is a completely absolutely brilliant move. Here’s why.

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Stay Safe with the Fellowes Shredder

This post brought to you by Fellowes, Inc. . All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you ever stopped to think about how much of your information arrives in the mail on a daily basis? Credit card statements, tax bills, and even solicitations contain small bits of vital personal information. Sadly, unscrupulous criminals are ready to steal that information and ultimately

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MyTask Case

MyTask: The “Swiss Army” iPhone Case

Smartphones are great, and for many people they replace quite a few things, from alarm clocks and day planners to cameras and GPS. But sometimes you need something more than just your phone, and the MyTask case aims to make that easier than cramming the pockets on your cargo pants. Need a pen or spoke wrench? This case has you

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Beyzacases Executive S for iPad Mini with Retina – Beautiful and Protective

If you work in extreme conditions, have a toddler, or have concerns that your iPad might be crushed or cracked due to general klutziness or negligence, then it probably makes sense that you keep yours in a bulky plastic exoskeleton. But if you prefer something protective yet visually appealing and refined, then the Beyzacases Executive S is worth considering.


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Verizon Matches AT&T Price Changes

In yet another salvo of “Bring Your Own Device” price-matching Verizon customers who are on an Edge plan will now pay similar monthly amounts as if they were on a comparable AT&T plan (aka Next).  Remember  this only applies to Edge plan customers, which means you aren’t subject to a contract because you’ve paid full price for your phone .

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