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One Headset to Rule Them All: Life With the Sony Xperia Z2

While Judie and I were together last weekend, we discussed the features of the Sony Xperia Z2 we find most compelling. We both said we love the magnetic charging point that lets us quickly charge the phone. Having just flown to Israel, I have to say the built-in noise cancellation has now risen to the top of my list. Both the Xperia …

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OtterBox Introduces Agility System for iPad Air & iPad MinI

It’s tough to travel anywhere in public and not encounter someone using an OtterBox case on their portable device. These bulky yet sturdy cases pioneered the shock-proof and drop-proof genre of case design.  I’ve found using an Otterbox is sometimes an acceptable substitute for insurance, since the protection afforded a device in an OtterBox seems to render it indestructible. OtterBox today unveiled …

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should you take that selfie?

Are You Sure You Want to Post That Selfie?

Much fun has been had talking about how ridiculous and ubiquitous taking pictures of oneself, or “taking a selfie” has become. At a cool historical site? Take a selfie. Eating a fab meal while out with great friends? Take a selfie. Is it narcissistic? Sure! But we all do it, right? When is enough, enough? Well … There’s nothing wrong with …

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Apple Store Gift Card Deal for Back to School

Too early to think about school? Apple cushions the blow with an Apple Store gift card when students purchase a qualifying new Mac (iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Pro), iPad (Air, mini, and mini or current generation with retina display),  or iPhone (4S, 5C and 5S). Offer ends September 9th in the Canada, UK, and United States.

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geardiary Huawei ascend mate2.39

Huawei Ascend Mate2 Review: Big Phone Little Price

Are you someone who spends more time on your phone texting, emailing, checking social media, and surfing than you actually do making calls? I am, and that’s why I’m intrigued by some of the larger devices available today, including the new Huawei Ascend Mate2. This $299.99 phone with the 6.1 screen might allow you to leave your tablet at home! I was shocked when I first wrote …

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Ok Google, Everywhere!

Last week Google rolled out a pretty big update to Google Now. Among those updates was a sneaky trick; if you have an Android 4.4 device, use Google Now to search “Ok Google Everywhere”. Now head to your Google Now settings and select “Ok Google detection”. You now have Google Now everywhere! Judie, Dan and I discovered this fun trick …

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2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid is a Subie First

It’s hard to believe but some umpteen years after Prius landed on Plymouth Rock, there are automakers just now coming into the hybrid vehicle arena. Subaru is one such nameplate, recently launching its first hybrid gasoline/electric, and it arrives on one of the brand’s newest lines that is also becoming one of Subaru’s most popular models – the XV Crosstrek. …

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ibattz mojo refuel aqua s cover

Ibattz Mojo Refuel Aqua S Battery Case for iPhone 5/5s Review

The ibattz Mojo Refuel Aqua S battery case for iPhone 5/5s is unique in a few regards. Firstly, it’s one of the very few waterproof iPhone cases out there with swappable batteries. Secondly, it comes with a bumper that allows you to use the battery pack itself without the waterproof outer shell. The ibattz Mojo Refuel Aqua retails for $119.95. …

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What eWallet Needs to Do to Stay on Our Devices

Judie and I were huge fans of eWallet from its earliest days, back when we used Palms; we synced the info on our Palms to the eWallet program on our desktop PCs. Later on we used eWallet on our Pocket PCs. Once the app became available for iOS, we loaded it onto our iPhones and eventually also on our Macs. Bear in mind that each app or program for each device …

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Pelican Progear Voyager Cover

Pelican Progear Voyager Rugged Case for iPhone 5/5s Review

There are very few rugged cases that I truly enjoy using with my iPhone, but I can now say that the Pelican Progear Voyager case sits atop that list. Pelican’s sleek new rugged case protects your iPhone from drops and dust while also protecting your screen from scratches. This protective case can be found at AT&T for $50.00. Most “rugged” cases are …

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NOT Your Childhood Slip n Slide

  I have fond memories of zipping down the slight hill in our backyard on a slip n slide, but we never did anything beyond gentle landings. This video popped up recently on Facebook, and while I can’t say I would try this, I am impressed with the people who did!   What about you? Are you ready to try …

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This Video Makes Me Want to Buy a Hyundai

There are stunts and then there are stunts. This video shows a real-world stunt that’s proves the power of Hyundai’s tech. Seriously… Watch the video, and then try to deny that some small part of you wants to go buy a Hyundai Genesis RIGHT NOW. Via Jalopnik    

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Think Tank Photo My 2nd Brain Briefcase 15 Is Organizational Heaven

I was thrilled when Think Tank Photo introduced their ‘My 2nd Brain’ line of bags. I love the company’s camera bags and really like the way their have applied their expertise to laptop and tablet bags. The first offerings in the line were North/South bags while their new Think Tank Photo My 2nd Brain Briefcase takes the more familiar East/West …

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Chumby Lives!

Here is super exciting news for lovers of the presumed defunct Chumby. If you’re not a Chumby chaser – it is a consumer electronics product formerly made by Chumby Industries, Inc. It is an embedded computer which provides Internet and LAN access via a Wi-Fi connection. Through this connection, the Chumby runs various software widgets. The company was thought to be …

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Monster 24k Over-Ear Headphones Review and Giveaway

The other day we reviewed the Adidas Original by Monster Headphones; I was impressed with both the comfort and the sound they offer. They are, however pricey. The Monster 24K Over-Ear Headphones make a statement and are even pricier, but they also sound great, and they offer superb comfort. Let’s take a look and then give the review sample away!Monster knew …

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A Conversation with Adam Curry thanks to Amateur Radio

One of the things I always say about Ham Radio is that you never know who might have their license; there are even famous people who do.  An example of this comes in a short conversation I had via Amateur Radio with former MTV VJ and one of the hosts of the No Agenda Podcast, Adam Curry, call sign KF5SLN. Adam has only …

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