January 2015

Threadsmiths’ Cavalier T-Shirt Breaks the ‘Curse of the White Shirt’

My daughter, Sarah, and I have joked about the “curse of the white shirt” since she was a child. You know how it goes: you wear a white shirt, and you’re guaranteed to drop or drip something that leaves a permanent stain right onto the middle of your chest. Threadsmiths’ T-shirts say they’ve developed a non-stainable Cavalier T-shirt. Oh really?!

Calling Off the Outlook Mobile App Challenge!

Yesterday we invited everyone to join us on the Outlook Mobile App Challenge, which seemed like a fun way to put this new ‘universal inbox’ app to the test. Since then some significant security concerns have been identified that makes this an app that we cannot recommend using right now. As a result, we’re stopping the challenge immediately.

Stronglifts 5×5 App Review for Android: Handheld Encouragement

I am trying to get into better shape. After a minor knee surgery, my running routine fell completely apart. A good chunk of my injury was caused by muscle imbalances, so I set out to get into better shape with a strength training routine. I settled on the Stronglifts 5×5 workout; the Android app has been invaluable to my progress!

Take the Outlook Mobile App Challenge!

Yesterday I wrote about the new Outlook app for iOS/Android, calling it a truly universal inbox that aggregates emails from all of the popular webmail services – Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo!, Hotmail, and Outlook – into a single unified Inbox. I am settled in my dual Mail/Mailbox routine, so Wayne challenged me to try Microsoft Outlook only for a week. Are you in?

Ratz Instagib Steam Early Access is Here, and it’s Pure Carnage!

Wow! 2015 is already off to any amazing start in terms of gaming! We’ve seen great stuff for iOS, Android, consoles, Mac and PC in just these normally quiet first few weeks. Now we are seeing another Steam Early access launch. This time it is for a competitive online shooter, Ratz Instagib which is just out and already popular!

Verizon Account Sign-In #Fail

Dear Verizon: Why exactly have I chosen a password for your site, when upon login from a new computer you’re still going to ask me about some obtuse reference I probably have not jotted down and which may have multiple answers? In many cases, answers to these dumb challenge questions are easily found by looking at social media sites.

Puzzle in Motion ‘Satellina’ Arrives on Android!

Last week I reviewed ‘Satellina’, the puzzle in motion game I called a rare ‘simple to learn but constantly challenging’ experience that is well worth the $1.99 cost. This week as promised Moon Kid has released the game for Android on the Google Play store, and has also unleashed a free download from the game’s unique soundtrack! Check it out!

Online Tactical RPG Pox Nora Gets First Expansion from New Devs!

One of the great things about the recent rise of indie gaming is the sustained support for games over a long period. Successful online tactical RPG strategy game Pox Nora was purchased from Sony by the original developers who had founded a new studio called Desert Owl Games. Now they have released their first expansion called Ronin.

New Outlook App Brings Truly Universal Inbox to iOS and Android

The quest for a truly ‘universal’ inbox for iOS is something many of us have been on since the beginning – we already had accounts on iCloud, Hotmail, Yahoo and of course Gmail … but there have always been limitations around notifications, account handling and more. Based on Accompli, the new Outlook app seeks to become your truly universal Inbox.

Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries Out Now On Early Access

Last summer GRIN Studios had a Kickstarter for their unconventional un-fairy tale Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries. Woolfe looks at the adventures of an adult Red Riding Hood as she seeks to avenge her parents deaths. The game was successfully funded, and is progressing towards release. Now GRIN announces that the game is available for Early Access on Steam.

The Ghostbusters Reboot Gets the Best Cast Ever!

I’m on the fence about constantly rebooting classic movies, but the more I hear about the new Ghostbusters reboot the more excited I get. The latest news from the AV Club is pointing to a dream cast; Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon!

G5 Jackpot Casino v1.1 Update Brings iPhone, Universal Login, <100mb Size

Last fall G5 Entertainment released G5 Jackpot Casino: Free Vegas Slots for the iPad, a free-to-play casino game with plenty of in-app purchase options. While slot machines and gambling games really aren’t my thing, the quest-based gameplay was engaging and offered loads of incentives to keep playing. What was missing was an iPhone version – which arrives now!

Swyp Smart Wallet Wants to Be the One Card to Rule Them All

If you use the Internet even sparingly, you’re bound to know that smart wallets are the next big change in the way that we make purchases. Swyp is the latest product that wants to combine all of your credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and loyalty cards into one credit card-sized package. Swyp is now up for preorder for $49.