Does The Spotify Class Action Suit Threaten Streaming Services?

My favorite streaming music service, Spotify, is facing a class action lawsuit claiming they violated the copyrights of thousands of artists. If the suit sticks, Spotify could be responsible for millions in unpaid royalties. If this happens, could it be the first in a domino effect for the entire streaming industry? What does the future hold for streaming users? 

Beware of Elaborate Internet Scams That Target Online Communities!

When you spend enough time online, you develop friendships with people you’ve never met. Unfortunately, twice this year I saw online communities raise money for people they thought were genuine community members in need, only to discover after the fact their “friend” was lying, or nonexistent!

Make Every Minute a Star Wars Minute with these Laser Engraved Wood Clocks!

The new Star Wars movie has smashed box office records and is still going strong. Now, thanks to Massdrop you can get a laser etched Star Wars clock and have the force with you each and every minute of the day. The drop has unlocked the lowest price of $64.99 and there are a few different designs and two colors of wood from which to choose. A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away… In honor of the most recent release for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Wars Clocks from Inked and Screened are now available through…

The T4 Wireless Speaker System by Creative Is the Home Audio System You Need

If you’re looking for an excellent sound system for a space in your home for the holidays, well look no further. I had the opportunity to review the Creative T4 Wireless Bluetooth Sound System, and I’ve been holding off on reviewing the T4 Speakers for a few weeks as I’ve been enjoying them quite a bit in my home, and wanted to give an accurate review of how great they are, both in sound and in overall quality. Now when you first see the packaging, it’s pretty much like all of Creative’s products. They make it a mission to highlight not…

5 Biggest Letdowns from the Star Wars Canon “Purge of 2015”

Like millions of others I have seen and LOVED Star Wars: The Force Awakens. As a long time fan of films and games and books, I loved seeing things from or derived from the ‘Expanded Universe’ that were immediately familiar. In fact, everything about this great new entry was awesome … but since then I have realized what it meant to the REST of the Expanded Universe: death. It was 37 years ago that the book “Splinter of the Mind’s Eye” became the first post Star Wars book, based on some early writings from George Lucas, but later declared ‘non-canon’…

Have the Storage You NEED on the Go with the Leef iAccess!

Earlier this year, you might have taken a look at Michael’s review of the iBRIDGE product by Leef. A great product, Leef decided to follow it up with their latest innovation to please users that might have wanted a bit more from their external storage. The iAccess iOS microSD reader Port by Leef is a mobile memory thumb drive that’s there for you when you get that alert that your phone’s internal memory is getting low. The entire premise of the Leef iAccess over the iBridge is to give users the option of using a microSD card to store their…

Make Any Glove Touchscreen Compatible with GloveTect’s ConnectTec

With winter in full swing, that means you’ll more than likely have gloves on this season, and with the majority of us having touchscreen phones, obviously touchscreen gloves are a hot item to have. The issue with most touchscreen gloves are either they are cheap and do not work, or are one size fits all and might not fit your hand specifically. But what if you have your own favorite pairs of gloves and would like to just add the capabilities of using on your smartphone? That’s where the GloveTec comes into play. Makers of the world’s first-ever adhesive conductive…

Protect Your Siri Remote with the Survivor Play by Griffin

If you received the latest Apple TV for your television, you’ll be happy to know that you can now not only keep the remote itself protected from drops, but keep it secure as you play games on it with Griffin’s new Survivor Play for Siri Remote. Griffin is known for protecting your mobile accessories and tablets, but now with the Survivor Play, you’ll be able to keep your home remote for your brand new Apple TV protected as well. If you’ve ever played the Nintendo Wii you might be familiar with the silicone case with lanyard included, that allowed you…

Mujjo Brings You a Better Leather with Their Wallet Case

If you’ve ever used a wallet case, you know that there are many varieties of them, and although handy to carry your multiple cards, plenty of them make your already thin smartphone feel rather bulky. And Mujjo is attempting to rectify this with their leather wallet cases for your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus. Using Moulded Edge Technology, the Mujjo leather wallet cases are designed to hold up to three of your most used ID or debit cards, all while eliminating the bulk on your pockets. Mujjo crafted their cases using a polished polycarbonate, which strengthens the durability of…

Wireless Charging For All Devices With The Tango

There’s nothing like a little being out and about and not being able to charge your devices when the battery gets low. Now, you could have yourself a cable in your back pocket, but why not just go completely wireless? That’s where the Powersquare Tango comes to your rescue. The World’s first wire-free, multi device charger is a Kickstarter project that has been featured on numerous news articles and should be a product you’re considering for your devices in the New Year. The premise is simple, you’re able to actually support more than one smartphone by simply putting them side…

Get the Perfect Pour at Home with the Fizzics Beer System!

When you think about pouring a perfect beer you think about holding the glass at a 45 degree angle, pouring the beer down the side to allow glugging and when the glass is halfway full to slowly tip the glass upright before pouring the rest of the beer into the center away from the edge right? Sure. But who gets this right 100 percent of the time? That’s where Fizzics, a countertop draft gadget for your home that can give you the feeling of a true draft from your bottle, or canned beer, regardless if it’s cheap beer or not….

2016 BMW X5 xDrive40e: Better, Brighter, Greener

BMW has launched the next chapter in its EffecientDynamics initiative and it arrives in the form of a plug-in hybrid on the X5 Sports Activity Vehicle. Arriving in showrooms is the X5 xDrive40e that mates the TwinPower turbo 2.0-liter I-4 gas engine to a synchronous electric motor powered by a high-voltage lithium-ion battery pack.

The Nomad PowerPlant American Walnut 12,000mAh Battery Is a Natural Beauty

As long as manufacturers are making devices with batteries, we’ll need extended batteries; and as long as manufacturers are making extended battery packs, we’ll be covering them. It takes a little something extra to pique my interest in a battery anymore (yes, I’m slightly jaded), but the Nomad PowerPlant in American walnut 12,000mAh battery did just that.

The Anova Precision Cooker is the Harbinger of the Sous-Vide Revolution

The Anova Precision Cooker is, in essence, a high-quality consumer-grade sous-vide water circulator. It is dipped into your own cooking vessel and it heats and circulates the water to a very precise temperature, gently cooking whatever is placed in the water bath. It features WiFi and Bluetooth connections for simple control via iPhone and sells for $199.

The Travel Bra-Carry Your Valuables Close to Your Chest!

This intro is a bit different from most reviews because I’m guessing we’re mostly going to attract a female audience. Anyone who doesn’t want to read a review of a bra, note that the Travel Bra people are working on male briefs and other similar concept clothes. Check them out, and read on for our review of the Travel Bra!

The Vapir Prima Vaporizer Review: An Awesome Little Package

WARNING: The products discussed may contain or use nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical; in many cities and a few states, you must be 21 to purchase vaping products or products containing nicotine. Please familiarize yourself with and obey the law in your location. I’ve only reviewed a few dry herb vaporizers, but I have a strong sense of what works for me and what doesn’t. As I’ve mentioned before, I like to vape a mixture of 12 Aromatic Dry Blends that produce a calming effect — specifically a combo of damiana and lavender.

Hautllybox Is a Great Last Minute Gift that Makes a Difference

If you are down to the wire with your gift giving you might want to consider giving a subscription to Hautllybox. The subscription gives three pieces of jewelry per month, either men’s or women’s, and the company makes a donation each time. Let’s look at what my $39 sample box included and what the process looks like. We created Hautllybox to give you access to some of the best jewelry & other accessory designs at an incredibly affordable monthly rate. Each carefully curated piece is selected to bring JOY when you wear them. Once a month you will discover luxurious designs arriving…