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Timbuk2 Teams Up with Bianchi for Limited Edition Pack, Announces Giveaway

With May being National Bike Month, and record high temperatures in full effect, this means a lot of folks are commuting and heading to work on their fixies, or whichever two bikes they see fit. The commuting aspect is easy, but unlike having a passenger seat to throw your bag or purse onto, you’ll need a means of putting your gear as well as extra clothes into something. So it only makes sense that Timbuk2, who’s infamous for making quality bags teamed up with Bianchi to celebrate their 130th anniversary. Not only introducing the beautiful Limited Edition Prospect Pack, the…

Fitbit Update Will Help Track Your Bike Rides

Fitness tracker company Fitbit announced today that their popular Fitbit Surge would be receiving outdoor bike tracking. The multi-sport mode allows users to record their running, cross training, cardio and now their biking workouts, all while automatically syncing wirelessly to the Android & iOS device that you use.

Tackform Bike and Car Phone Mounts Review

It’s hard to find anyone these days with a smartphone who doesn’t use it for navigation in the car. In order to do that safely, though, you need a solid car mount to keep your device at a viewable level. Today we’re looking at two phone mounts from Tackform, as well as a bike mount!

Divoom Airbeat-10 Water-Resistant Bicycle and Shower Bluetooth Speaker

In an ever-more-crowded marketplace it is difficult for companies to make their small portable Bluetooth speakers stand out, but that doesn’t mean manufacturers aren’t trying to do just that. In the case of the Divoom Airbeat-10, they have pretty much succeeded. This isn’t an audiophile-grade speaker, but if you want your music on-the-go it is a great little option.

Altego Lunar Mirror Messenger Bag Totes the Load

When selecting a messenger bag, especially to actually use on a bicycle like they were originally intended for, balance is everything. It’s important to maintain a proper balance between being big enough to hold your stuff and not too bulky to ride with. And the actual balance of the payload is critical. The Altego Lunar Mirror Messenger has it all!

Chrome Motor Series Lineup Looks Sleek and Functional

It is always fun when Chrome announces a new line of bags. Their offerings are always among the best made, the most stylish and the most functional. The new Chrome Motor Series lineup is no exception. The new line includes the Barrage, the Citizen, the Tool Roll, and the Dirt Bag. Admit it, even the names are cool.

Patchnride Might Just Save Your Tail on a Bike Ride

As the resident Gear Diary bicyclist, I usually get the first crack at investigating bike gear. Since I live and bike in an urban environment, flat tires are an unfortunate frequent reality of my cycling experience. That’s why I was excited to hear about the new Patchnride bicycle flat repair kit that promises quick and easy emergency rescues from flats.

SNAP! Offers Universal Mounting of Your Mobile Devices

If you are one of those people who simply must see and have your phone with you at all times — you know who you are — then SNAP! may be the perfect mounting system for you. A universal female part clips into a universal male part, so the system will work with just about every mobile device!

MyLIFTER Makes Garage Organization Smart

There are two kinds of garages out there: the garages where cars live while shelves of stuff loom over them ominously, and the garages where the idea of fitting a car amongst all the stuff stored there is laughable. No matter which garage you have, myLIFTER is a Kickstarter project designed to organize your garage and control it from your phone!

PAFERS XSPIN Takes the Drudgery out of Indoor Cycling

With the weather cooling off, it gets harder and harder to convince myself to take my bicycle outdoors for an exercise ride, but spinning for miles on an indoor bike can be a mind-numbing bore. Fortunately, the gear heads at PAFERS have released a new exercise aid to help add some motivation to indoor cycling. Their new XSPIN is a Bluetooth enabled device that works with many exercise apparatuses to inspire harder training.

Georgetown Dry Pannier from Detours Bike Bags Review – Keeps the Elements at Bay

I like to try to ride my bike whenever I can in an effort to burn off some of the extra pounds that I put on in my gig as a food writer. I have a Litespeed Titanium road bike that I ride for fitness, but it’s not very practical for in town use, especially since I use Speedplay pedal clips that make it almost impossible to walk in the specialized shoes when you’re not on the bike. So for just getting around town or riding to the YMCA and back (where I then go to a spin class ……

Scosche boomBOTTLE Weatherproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

“Another Bluetooth speaker?” Elana asked when the package arrived? (Okay she actually didn’t say that but she COULD have said it, considering just how many Bluetooth speakers we have reviewed in recent months.) Yes, the Scosche boomBOTTLE is yet another Bluetooth speaker that has made its way into the marketplace. This one, however, is an award winner, having been recognized at CES 2013 this past January. Why does this Bluetooth speaker stand out? Does it deserve the recognition? Let’s take a look so you can decide for yourself.

Oregon Scientific ATC Chameleon Dual Lense Action Camera Gives You Eyes in the Back of Your Head

We’ve all seen those first-person action videos of guys and gals flying down the slopes, jumping out of planes, or slashing through the whitewater on their kayaks.  These videos are entertaining and provide the viewer a peek at exactly how it would look if you were risking your own neck out there, without all the danger and adrenaline.  The problem with these videos, however, is that you can only capture one angle on the action, unless the camera is behind held in hand.  Oregon Scientific is looking to change this with their new Oregon Scientific ATC Chameleon camera, the world’s…

Polaris eBike Makes You Go WHOOSH!

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of commuting by bike. It’s not practical for my job, unfortunately, but it just sounds very appealing to combine exercise with commuting — plus it’s far cheaper than using a car. I have a few issues with using a bike as a main vehicle, though: One, I would constantly worry about being sweaty, and two, I am a very poky bike rider. Even on a fully tuned up bike, there are children on tricycles who would zip past me! If I were in a position to seriously try biking every day work, though,…

Bike Baron for iPhone Review

Even though I have very little free time during football season, everyone needs something to ease their mind and take a short break. As of late, I have enjoyed a few iPhone games that seem to follow the common theme of driving. There is not any particular reason every game I am currently playing involves driving, jumping and trying not to crash, but it has been bringing me some much needed relief and entertainment. My latest craze is Bike Baron. Let’s take a quick look. MASTER over 100 different tracks, beat more than 300 unbelievable challenges and learn the secrets…

Bike Baron on iOS Gets an Update and a Sale Price!

Remember my Minigore 2: Zombies post where I told you that Bike Baron is one of my favorite games on iOS, ever? Well, it was just updated to version 3.0 and it got even better! Bike Baron is in the “physics motorcycle race” genre. Did I just make that up? There are four buttons: Left, Right, Stop, Go. You lean back and forth and use the gas and brakes to make your way through over 100 different levels and 300 challenges. The premise is simple, the game itself, is not. Once you get into the Hard and Extreme levels, the…

iBike POWERHOUSE Complete Cycling Fitness Plan

Through the years, I’ve reviewed several devices for iPhones and iPods that purport to be sturdy protective mounts for bicycle usage. Keeping in mind that there are inherent dangers in listening to music while you’re cycling, especially if you have to worry about dangling headphone wires, it’s important to make sure that safety is your first concern. The iBike POWERHOUSE ensures both the safety of your iPhone and your body with its well-designed mount for the 3 and 4 series iPhones. (No luck for you early iPhone 5 adopters yet.) Add in a software solution for exercise and cycling technique…