Pebble Steel Announced At CES

  When I first started wearing a Pebble watch it seemed more like geek fun rather than actual function. As the software has matured, my Pebble has become a must wear daily device. Today at CES, the makers of Pebble have announced Pebble Steel. Available in matte black and brushed stainless for $249, the Pebble has become much more attractive and wearable. 

NVIDIA Tegra K1 Demo Using the Unreal Engine 4 at CES 2014!

At CES nVidia introduced the Tegra K1, bringing high performance Kepler architecture used in PC graphics cards to mobile SOCs (system on a chip). The K1 offers up to 192 cores, with potential to offer desktop graphics on mobile devices. nVidia introduced the technology without release date and showed a NVIDIA Tegra K1 Demo Using the Unreal Engine 4.

iSmartAlarm Extends Home Security System Product Line

New technologies have made monitoring and automating our homes exciting. iSmartAlarm creates products that put a modern spin on traditional security systems and have announced two new products at CES. Both products do not require professional installation and are portable. Homeowners and renters alike can connect, monitor and manage their own home security with the iSmartAlarm Doorfront and Smart Switch. 

Michael Bay Leaves Samsung Press Conference Stage Due to Teleprompter Failure

When you do things live, stuff happens. That is just how it goes – technical problems, mixups and misunderstandings, and so on. They happen. As they say, it isn’t the problem but how you deal with it that says more about you. Well, at the Samsung Press Conference there was a teleprompter problem … and Michael Bay just walked off the stage. As Dan said when he grabbed the video: Michael Bay stepped on stage at the Samsung Press Conference at CES2014 to talk about UHD televisions. His TelePrompt went out of sync… And so did he. Check it out:…

Spree ‘Revolutionary’ Fitness Monitor Launched At CES 2014!

Everyone is speculating that the ‘hot new thing’ at CES this year will be ‘wearable technology’. Wearables include the Pebble watch, Google Glass, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, Magellan Echo, and fitness monitors such as Fitbit Force, etc. New to the category is Spree ‘Revolutionary’ Fitness Monitor from Hothead Technologies, bringing heart rate and temperature to help you better understand your health!

GM Announces 4G LTE and AppShop for 2015 Chevrolet Models

General Motors is announcing technology news at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. Select 2015 Chevrolet models will be rolling out with 4G LTE connectivity speeds via the vehicle’s OnStar system and, taking advantage of this new technology, infotainment personalization is being enhanced with the new Chevrolet AppShop accessible from the vehicle’s MyLink screen.

Withings Aura Active Smart Sleep System Unveiled at CES 2014

Withings Aura Active Smart Sleep System combines an under-mattress sleep sensor and a unique bedside device in order to take into account your entire sleeping environment so that it can improve your overall sleeping experience.  The color changing bedside device uses light and sound programs to “positively impact your sleeping conditions.” The sleep system sends all the data it collects to a free mobile phone app so that you can visualize your sleep and learn what wakes you up or helps you sleep.  With the app, you can adjust your wake pattern as well.  The bedside device emits different colors…

SJ2000 Outdoor Sports HD Digital Video Camera Review

The SJ2000 Outdoor Sports HD Digital Video Camera is a budget entry into the action camera market.  It has a 12MP sensor for digital photos and it records digital video in 1080p with its 170-degree lens.  It comes with many Velcro and pressure mounting options and does not have any built-in memory.  You can purchase the SJ2000 for $64.95.

Buzzy Mini Makes Shots Less Painful

Most kids hate needles (and many adults do too!) How do you make it easier to handle your shots? Buzzy is a unique device that incorporates freezing and vibration to take the sting out of getting shots. New at CES is the Buzzy Mini, making it even simpler to apply the Buzzy while injecting a needle.

Griffin Survivor Clear Case for iPhone 5C – Pocketable Protection

The Griffin Survivor line is for those times when your phone is recreating the “Worst Case Survival Guide Handbook”. For more mundane adventures, like falling from tables and cars, there’s the Survivor Clear Case for iPhone 5C. As a bonus, the back is clear, so you can show off your choice of 5C color. But is it protective enough to bear the “Survivor” moniker?

Roku Announces the Roku TV

We love our Roku 3, it’s a fantastic device. For those who want the Roku experience, but also crave a “smart tv”, Roku and TCL have teamed up for the Roku TV! Details are still forthcoming, but if the experience is as seamless as the Roku box, this could be a big boon for the Roku brand! Prices and availability are still forthcoming, but you can check out the full details at the Roku blog.

Corning Gorilla Glass Is Now Strong AND Germ-Free

Know those “Dirty mouth? Clean it up!” commercials? Well, they ain’t got nuthin’ on Corning. Yup, Corning Gorilla Glass is now strong AND clean thanks to new antimicrobial properties. It is, in fact, the first EPA-registered antimicrobial cover glass. Don’t think it’s a big deal? Just look at your phone’s screen under a high-power microscope and you’ll change your tune.

Blue Microphone (Sort Of) Reveals their New Mo-Fi Headphones

The teasers were compelling. “Mo-Fi is coming” they said. The video look didn’t reveal much more. And the early release? It got us interested without revealing anything new. One thing became clear- Blue Microphone, a company whose products we love, was getting into the headphone business. That could only be good for those of us who love our music.

Seagate and LaCie Announce New Products at CES2014

  We started CES 2014 by meeting with Seagate and LaCie and looking at some of their new and upcoming products. Among them are a new wireless drive, a 4TB portable drive (a first), and a gorgeous silver hard drive that looks more like a work of art than a drive. Here are a few pictures of the products.

Griffin Survivor for the iPhone 5C – Solid Protection or Overkill?

I often joke we need to bubble wrap our electronics. Nothing goes caseless in our house, because between the overenthusiastic dog and the baby who thinks everything is a teether, danger lurks everywhere. We are looking at ways to protect Sarah’s new iPhone 5C, but is the Griffin Survivor the level of protection she needs, or a case of overkill?

Power Pillow, Take A Nap, Charge Your Phone

We all know how nice catching a nap is. What stinks is needing to charge a phone while doing so but the plug is too far away. The Power Pillow is a Kickstarter project starting at $40 and offers seven designs. Two 12,000mAh batteries come with a stylish pillow insuring the ability to relax and charge at once. Comfort meets function.

Jet Car Stunts 2 Now Available on iPhone, iPod, and iPad

Jet Car Stunts 2, the follow-up to the popular original racer by True Axis, is now available for iPhone, iPod, and iPad on the App Store.  The Jet Car Stunts series takes an interesting approach to car racing by adding the ability to fly using a rear-mounted jet engine and realistic physics.  It’s available for free on the App Store.