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Stikey Is the Multi-Tool for Your SmartPhone

I watch a lot of movies and television on my phone. Even more so, my phone sits at my desk at work flat, and sometimes it’d hard to actually see when a notification comes in. So when I saw a KickStarter for Stikey, a new portable stand and keyring for your keys, I was amused.

Pebble Promises to Fund Smartstrap Crowdfunded Startups

One of the new features of Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel, in addition to a color screen, is what Pebble calls “Smartstraps“. Basically, the new Time/Time Steel watches will have connectors near the straps that will allow the straps to add new hardware options like GPS or heart-rate monitors to the watch, making Pebble Time extremely upgradeable and modular.