March 2014

How Far Would You Go to Watch March Madness ?

I have a friend who joked he wanted his wife to go into labor during March Madness, so he could watch the games during paternity leave. Then there’s the dedication some men show towards being home for college basketball; according to CNN there’s high demand for vasectomies during March! How far would you go to watch March Madness?

Let There Be Light! Lighthouse 250 Lantern Review

Natural disaster, zombie apocalypse or simply a camping trip. There are plenty of reasons to need a lantern that does not require electricity to work. The GoalZero Lighthouse 250 is a $79.99 USB rechargeable lantern. With three charging options and an integrated USB port, you will not be left in the dark and can charge your phone in an emergency.The Lighthouse 250 is a rechargeable lantern and USB hub all rolled into one. The lantern is adjustable up to 250 lumens which will easily light up a large area considering the small size of the product. Turn the small green nob to the right and both lights adjust from dim all the way to “Turbo” which will provide 360 degrees and the full 250 lumens of light. Turning the nob to the left utilizes one light in the same manner and is perfect if using while walking or against a wall. I will assume this mode will only use about half of the battery, while still providing plenty of light. A metal handle allows the lantern to be carried while foldable legs allow users to set the light up higher. The red triangle button turns on red blinking lights from the top of the lantern to be used in emergencies. While the red lights are not terribly bright, they would get someone’s attention in a dark emergency situation.So, the Lighthouse 250 is a great light for camping, hunting or power outages, but there are other cool features. The lantern charges via USB which is actually built into the unit. I absolutely love that there is no need to keep up with yet another charging cable. Simply plug it into any USB charging source, including solar panels, and you will never be without light. For a situation where no electricity is available, a hand crank is included in the top of the lantern that will charge the battery. One minute of crank will provide approximately 10 minutes of light.

Element Case Soft-Tec Wallet for Apple iPhone 5/5S Review

We recently took a look at Element Case’s Soft-Tec Wallet for iPhone 5C. Now we are giving the iPhone 5S some of the same love, thanks to the Element Case Soft-Tec Wallet for Apple iPhone 5/5S. This case is under $50, and it offers a great way to carry and protect your iPhone while also leaving your wallet at home.

$699 AKG K712 Pro Headphones Video First Look

  I’m a huge fan of AKG headphones. I reviewed the AKG K551 and continue to enjoy using them. When I saw the MSRP $699 AKG K712 Pro Headphones for just over $300 over on Massdrop, I jumped. They were still pricey, but you get what you pay for. These headphones are amazing. Here’s my first video look.

Poldera X4000 Portable Power Bank & Wall Charger is a Powerful Accessory

The Poldera X4000 is a portable power bank and wall charger that packs an impressive 4000 mAh battery capacity.  It’s key features include foldable AC prongs for wall charging, dual 2.1a and 1.0a USB output, and a 1.0a Micro USB-in port for charging when a wall outlet is not available.  The Poldera X4000 can be purchased for $59.99.

Karma Makes WiFi Sharing Simple

Our readers understand the importance of connectivity, because having access to the Internet has become a huge part of our lives; that’s why we pay a fortune for mobile data plans, and then we pay even more to connect additional devices. Karma Wi-Fi takes a different approach that is less expensive and surprisingly social.

Waterfield Designs’ Rough Rider Messenger Bag: First Look

We always love it when Waterfield Designs, one of our favorite bag companies, delivers something new. The Rough Rider Messenger Bag is just that. Made form thick gorgeous leather it is an instant classic. We’ve got a first look at it on camera, and we bet you’ll be as impressed with it as we are.

Transporter Transports Your Files Anywhere You Are

I’m a huge fan of Dropbox and make good use of my 150GB of cloud storage. Still, the fact that I have only 150 GB, have to pay for it, AND my files are on someone else’s server is a bit of a bummer. Connected Data’s Transporter may be the alternative; better still, it just got some great new features.

How do You Solve a Problem Like In-App Purchases?

Apple added a big change to iOS 7.1 when it comes to app purchases. Previously, once you entered your password for an app purchase the system automatically didn’t ask for it again for 15 minutes. To prevent in-app purchases by accident, you can now set it to ask every time. But how else can in-app purchasing be fixed?

Element Case Soft-Tec Wallet for Apple iPhone 5C Review

The Element Case Soft-Tec Wallet for Apple iPhone 5C is a great way to carry and protect your iPhone 5C and ditch the wallet. Simple in its design, the case is as elegant as it is functional. It adds minimal bulk to the phone and lets the color shine through at the top. Plus, it looks great.

Amazon Prime Goes to $99

We knew it was coming but it is now official — the annual fee for Amazon Prime is rising to $99. For me it is a no-brainer, the service is awesome. The benefits like Prime Video are nice, and the $99 still makes Amazon Prime a bargain. How about you? Does the increase make you think twice about Prime?

Element Case ION 5 Hogue Black Ops iPhone 5/5s Case Review

If you are in the market for a new case for your iPhone 5S, and you love the style and protection offered by Element Case, you’ll want to check out the Element Case ION 5 Hogue Black Ops. Under $60, the ION 5 Hogue case is available in two colors, offers excellent protection and sports plenty of Element Case style.

Apple Shortens iPhone Return Period to 14 Days

Effective today, Apple has shortened the amount of time you can take to return an iPhone you’ve purchased from them. Previously you had 30 days to decide whether to keep your phone; now the return limit is 14 days – which coincidently or not seems to line up with the average wait time to purchase a new iPhone model.

911 Versus the Family Cat

A rather unusual 911 call has been making the rounds of the Internet today. Apparently, a family in Oregon had a baby, and their cat was most displeased. The cat went on a reign of terror, scratching the baby and scaring the family so badly they locked themselves in the bedroom and called 911. To catch their angry cat.