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EFO’s Solar Toys are Fun and Educational

Solar power has been a promise since I was my son’s age.  In the future. we were all supposed to have roofs covered in solar cells and not having to use ugly power lines to power our lives.  We were barely able to get to the point of powering calculators.  Fast forward 20 years and while there have been advances,… Read More ›

Nanodots are Addicting Dots of Magnetic Fun

Magnetic spheres must be really becoming popular.  There are at least three brands of them out on the market with Buckyballs, Neocube and Nanodots.  I was received a set of Nanodots to play with. Nanodots look a lot like ball bearings.  However, each of the 236 balls are very magnetic.  I actually took one dot and had it hold up… Read More ›

Fun with magnetism: Nanodots

Back when I was my son’s age, I was a science nut.  I loved learning all about our universe, electronics, magnetism and the world we live in.  My favorite catalog from then was Edmund Scientifics.  They had and still have science products and lots of toys similar to what Nano Magnetics Inc are announcing today in the form of Nanodots…. Read More ›

Zibits Minature Robots Will Keep You Entertained

Just what’s needed to brighten up a dreary cubicle and provide entertainment when your warden supervisor isn’t looking —  Zibits, a new series of miniature remote controlled robots that are about 2″ tall, move in “several directions including  a full 360º rotation”, and that are equipped with “robotic lights and sounds”. Zibits will show up at Toys ‘R Us in… Read More ›

MyDeskFriend Pingo Review

I have a confession to make.  I like penguins.  Part of this is I am a Linux user and Tux, the Linux mascot, is a penguin.  The other part is they are so darn cute.  That’s why I decided to take a look when Arimaz offered to send a sample of MyDeskFriend AKA Pingo. Part Tamagotchi, part Facebook app, part… Read More ›

Tuxdroid the Open Source Robot Review

I have often wanted to buy one of those Ambient Devices Judie blogged about a few weeks ago.  I’ve also wanted a Nabaztag as well, since they are cute and can do some really cool stuff like play mp3 files or provide e-mail alerts.  I don’t want either anymore, thanks to kysoh.com who sent me a Tuxdroid that is not… Read More ›

Review: Plantraco Micro Butterfly

When I got this  airplane in the mail, I was shocked that this little tiny thing can actually fly.  I am happy to say that this little airplane not only flew, but flew very well even outside where I tested it. Let’s go over all the pieces of this  plane. The plane itself is constructed mainly of a carbon fiber… Read More ›

Review: SphereXYZ

Next year the Rubix Cube turns 30, so the fact that I was working part-time in a retail department store to support school / books / music / games / friends/ etc when it came out means a couple of things. First it means that there is a certain nostalgia attached to the Cube. OK, so it also says I’m… Read More ›