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How Far Would You Go to Watch March Madness ?

I have a friend who joked he wanted his wife to go into labor during March Madness, so he could watch the games during paternity leave. Then there’s the dedication some men show towards being home for college basketball; according to CNN there’s high demand for vasectomies during March! How far would you go to watch March Madness?

Head Lice? Selfies Might Be to Blame!

This year at high schools and colleges there are more cases of head lice than any time in recent memory. While most years head lice are spread between younger kids, it is the increase in older teens with lice that sparked concerned. According to lice-treatment expert Nitless Noggins, there is a correlation between the rise of ‘group selfies’ and head…

Digital Innovations introduces ScreenDr Antimicrobial at CES 2014

Earlier this week Dan reported that Corning introduced anti-microbial glass this week at CES, which is great news for next-generation devices. But for now, all we get is the knowledge that our touch-screens are gross. Fortunately Digital Innovations introduces ScreenDr Antimicrobial at CES 2014 to address our filthy screens, as our phones and tablets are dirtier than toilet seats! Here…

Foreo Issa Silicone Electric Toothbrush Brings Gadgetry and Cleanliness to Your Teeth

You’re probably familiar with electric toothbrushes, but have you ever had one with silicone bristles? Foreo has announced the Issa at CES, the first electric toothbrush that incorporates silicone bristles for a more thorough and hygenic cleaning of your teeth. Apparently silicon bristles are gentler on your gums and provide a thorough cleaning. 

Spree ‘Revolutionary’ Fitness Monitor Launched At CES 2014!

Everyone is speculating that the ‘hot new thing’ at CES this year will be ‘wearable technology’. Wearables include the Pebble watch, Google Glass, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, Magellan Echo, and fitness monitors such as Fitbit Force, etc. New to the category is Spree ‘Revolutionary’ Fitness Monitor from Hothead Technologies, bringing heart rate and temperature to help you better understand your health!

Withings Aura Active Smart Sleep System Unveiled at CES 2014

Withings Aura Active Smart Sleep System combines an under-mattress sleep sensor and a unique bedside device in order to take into account your entire sleeping environment so that it can improve your overall sleeping experience.  The color changing bedside device uses light and sound programs to “positively impact your sleeping conditions.”  You can read the entire press release, here.

Buzzy Mini Makes Shots Less Painful

Most kids hate needles (and many adults do too!) How do you make it easier to handle your shots? Buzzy is a unique device that incorporates freezing and vibration to take the sting out of getting shots. New at CES is the Buzzy Mini, making it even simpler to apply the Buzzy while injecting a needle.

Umoro One Simplifies Supplement Mixing and Carrying

Do you regularly mix health or fitness supplements that you drink throughout the day? Tons of people do, including my mother. Umoro has created one of the best solutions I’ve yet seen for carrying and mixing those supplements; they call it the Umoro One. $28.99 gets you an innovative shaker bottle in either black or white.

Sonicare DiamondClean Sonic Toothbrush Review – Judie & Dan Mouth Off About Oral Hygiene

Judie: I’ve used various electronic toothbrushes off and on for years, but since 2007 I’ve used Philips Sonicare toothbrushes exclusively. My first was their less expensive e-series model (liked it), which I replaced it with a HealthyWhite (loved it). Now that we’ve tried Sonicare’s DiamondClean toothbrush, Dan and I can safely say that we’ve both got the best toothbrush everrrrr.

Polar Introduces the Loop Activity Tracker

The Activity Tracker market is getting crowded with new releases from Nike, Jawbone and FitBit offering more and more features and integration into our lifestyle. Is there room for another one? Polar hopes that by offering more features, they can expand the market further. So they have introduced the Loop – more than just an activity tracker.

FreshTECH Canning System Makes Preserving Food High Tech!

Every year, the same thing happens in my house. We find a great deal for a large amount of produce, and we vow to start canning with it. And then we remember how time consuming and specific canning is, and then we rush to eat a lot of produce before it goes bad. That's why the new FreshTECH canning system…

Monday Mystery: Scientists Discover Unknown Knee Ligament

  Image courtesy Science Daily Several years ago I tore my ACL. I sat with the orthopedist and he showed me a model of the knee to explain where the ACL was, what it did, and how they took other bits of tendon to replace it. I was left with the impression that surgeons know exactly what's in there, but…

What’s Black or White and Cleans Your Teeth? Philips Sonicare DiamondClean

Philips Sonicare is the #1 dentist recommended power toothbrush in the US, and now their DiamondClean comes in a sleek black color. Available for a limited time, it removes up to 7x more plaque compared to a manual toothbrush. It ships with an awesome inductive charging “glass” and a USB travel case. Judie and I will be going “teeth on” shortly.

Penclic Mouse R2 Wireless Mouse Review – The Ergonomic Write-Click

The Penclic Mouse R2 is designed as an ergonomic alternative to the typical computer mouse.  Designed in Sweden, the Penclic was created to coerce it’s owner to use healthy and natural movements to prevent Repetitive Strain Injury or RSI, which may be caused by regular use of a typical computer mouse.  The Penclic Mouse R2 retails for $80.

Great Deal on Grass-Fed Meat at Amazon Local!

  Concerned about the quality of the meat at your local grocery store? Do you want to have a better idea of where your beef and chicken was raised and processed? Unfortunately, it can be expensive to try direct mail order meat, especially grass-fed meats. Luckily, Amazon Local has an amazing $99 deal for a huge kit of grass-fed meat!

Xbox One to Feature Xbox Fitness Free for Gold Subscribers

Video games and exercise don’t often go hand-in-hand, although attempts at calorie burning games by major consoles have been made in the past.  However, with the new Kinect 2.0 technology included with the Xbox One, Microsoft is trying to lure us couch potatoes off of our favorite La-Z-Boy by combining videos by popular fitness instructors with Kinect’s new ultra-sensitive cameras.

Fitbit Force Flips the Bird at Early Flex Adopters

I like Fitbit clip-on trackers because they measure sleep, steps, floors climbed, and they integrate well with Android and iOS fitness apps. But after losing two to the washing machine, I’d given up and moved to more convenient bracelet-style trackers. As an early adopter of Fitbit’s Flex bracelet-style tracker, I feel cheated by today’s release of the Force. Here’s why.

If You Can Smell Peanut Butter, You May Not Have Alzheimer’s Disease

If everything in life were only so simple! A new release from the University of Florida says that in those with Alzheimer’s, the ability to smell from “the left nostril is significantly more impaired than the right.” So cover your nostrils and breathe deep from an open jar of peanut butter, a “pure odorant”. How did you do?

Is There ONLY Competition OR Completion? – The Monday Mile

A recent New York Times called ‘The Slowest Generation’ slams the younger generation for abandoning competition and running races ‘for the bling’. The article – and the ‘Dumbing Down, Slowing Down’ article that inspired it – contend that competitiveness is dulled in the aftermath of a generation raised on ‘everyone gets a medal’, and finishing is now its own reward. The…