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Phoenix International Communications Working to Bring Android Apps to HP Touchpad Via Kickstarter

The background behind the hopes and aspirations of WebOS, HP’s acquisition of the Palm portfolio, the dreadful August 2011 cancellation and subsequent fire sales of the HP WebOS Touchpad tablet are well-known in the tech world. There were a lot of unhappy folk who truly enjoyed the WebOS experience, but one of the critical factors contributing to the lukewarm reception… Read More ›

Divinity Dragon Commander is Available for Pre-Order or as an Original Sin Perk

I have written extensively about my love of the Divinity games from Larian studios, including the recent Kickstarter of the turn-based Divinity Original Sin. The company is simultaneously working on another game, a real-time strategy game called Divinity Dragon Commander. Now Divinity Dragon Commander is Available for Pre-Order or as an Original Sin Perk. This week Larian and announced… Read More ›

Divinity Original Sin Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Increasingly developers are not just looking to Kickstarter for full funding of a project, but also to help get specific features into a game, deliver multiplayer or extended art or something else. Developer Larian Studios looked at what they could do themselves, and decided that with a successful Kickstarter project they could realize all of their goals for the game…. Read More ›

iKazoo is on IndieGoGo

Back in December I wrote about an intriguing new controller called the iKazoo, which I described as an ‘everything controller’, since it has dual breath controllers, multiple touch sensors, accelerometers, and so on. With the iKazoo you can make music, control music, play games, and pretty much do anything else you want. At the time Ogaco Gadgets had made the… Read More ›

John-E-Reader Makes Your Bathroom Safe for Kindles

Sarah and I are getting settled into our new home and are quite pleased. It’s really great…there’s just one minor issue. See, the first floor has a bathroom (which is great) but the sink doesn’t have much of a lip to rest items like reading material. So the John-E-Reader at Kickstarter caught my eye! The John-E-Reader was invented to address… Read More ›

GCW Zero – Open Source Gaming Handheld

Have you ever looked at the Playstation Vita or Nintendo 3DS and thought that they look great, but you would rather have a handheld gaming system that ran inexpensive open-source games but had physical control buttons? That is the concept behind the GCW-Zero: Open Source Gaming Handheld. Project Title: GCW-Zero: Open Source Gaming Handheld Status: Active Closing Date for Funding:… Read More ›

TabMount Tripod Adapter Will Take Your Tablet to New Heights

Project Title: tabMount – Tripod Adapter for iPad, iPad mini, & All Tablets Status: Active Closing Date for Funding: January 27, 2013 URL of the Project: From the Creatives: “Imagine being able to mount your iPad, iPad mini, or whatever tablet you are currently using to a standard tripod. That’s exactly what you’ll be able to do with the tabMount.” Why I… Read More ›

CasinoRPG, a Browser-Based Tycoon/MMORPG/Casino Game

This Kickstarter campaign is to fund the development of a cross between a Tycoon game, MMORPG, and a gambling game.  This game really intrigues me because I’ve always been interested in a Mass Multiplayer Online-type environment where you can keep building an empire and the game continues ever after you log off.  In games like Minecraft, you can craft some… Read More ›

The Pebble Watch Press Conference

Are you one of the people who backed the Pebble watch on Kickstarter? Dan and I were, but unlike every other smartwatch that we have personally backed on the crowd funding site Kickstarter since the phenomenally successful Pebble was successfully funded, the Pebble still hasn’t shipped. We’ve been curious about the holdup; not alarmed, just curious. (Note: after the press… Read More ›

Whooz? Are a Huge Hit at My House

On Christmas morning, as packages from under the tree were divided into piles and then opened, I got what would turn out to be one of my biggest Christmas surprises: the best gift was something I had stuck into the girls’ new Jon Hart bags, almost as an afterthought — Whooz iPhone and iPad Character Sets! Kev’s youngest daughter stopped… Read More ›