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Facebook Owned WhatsApp Celebrates One Billion Android Installs

That makes two Facebook apps in Google Play hitting a billion! Jan Koum of Evernote tweeted yesterday: WhatsApp crossed 1B Android downloads. btw our android team is four people + Brian. very small team, very big impact. — jan koum (@jankoum) March 11, 2015

Redesigned Evernote for Android Features Material-Like Layout

Evernote has updated their Android version of their note-taking app; the new version features a major overhaul, including a material design courtesy of Android lollipop. The material design provides app guidance and has a visual design that is clean and intuitive. Tactile elements like shadows and depth make the interface more user-friendly while still giving you the “Evernote” feel.

Swedish Company Doro Announces Smartphone for the Blind and Elderly

At Mobile World Congress, Doro, a Swedish global leader that specializes easy-to-use smartphones announced that they would have a variety of phones designed for the blind, as well as the elderly. The two devices announced, the Doro 820 Claria and Dora 820 Mini, both are designed for easy usage and seamless availability.

Nokia HERE Maps Re-launch for iOS

No longer bound by the Windows Phone, Nokia is re-launching their HERE navigation mapping app for the iPhone. Following success on Google Play for Android , as well as a brief stint on the app store in 2012 before being pulled back into beta due to iOS 7 incompatibilities, Nokia seems to have figured things out finally.

It’s Not Just You, the Apple App Store Really Is Down

I woke up this morning to Twitter in a frenzy courtesy of Apple’s Servers! Apparently iTunes Connect is refusing logins, the iBooks store is not responding, and I cannot download Temple run Oz! Help!! If you did like myself and ran to Apple’s forums looking for App Store answers, you were in a room full of people also searching.  

A Case for Your Apple Watch? Nope, It’s “The Bumper”

If you’re going to shell out the money for the new Apple Watch in April, you know one thing, and that is it will not be cheap. And even though the team in Cupertino has a good reputation of style, there may be a circumstance where you accidentally might damage your shiny new smart watch. There’

Apple Watch Limited to 2GB for Music and 75MB of Photos

Apple Watch buyers yesterday were happy to know that the Apple Watch would have 8GB of internal memory, regardless of model. However, the current operating system will only allot a portion of the internal storage for the music and photo portion, leaving you roughly 2 gigs of storage for music, and 75 megabytes for photographs. 9to5Mac confirmed yesterday that all three models of the Apple Watch would have the same memory at release. 9to5mac: As a user, you are only allowed to use a subsection of that total space for certain types of data. As confirmed with Apple, users are only…

Awaiting a Jailbreak Status Update of iOS 8.2? So Are We.

Following the release of iOS 8.2 yesterday by Apple, the question lingering on every jailbreakers mind was simple: Will I be able to jailbreak my device? The current status is: No. The TaiG jailbreak team claimed in January before the 8.2 Beta was closed by Apple, that they had exploits for 8.2 ready, so everyone assumed that within hours of Apple releasing the update, TaiG would release it. What we do know is the current version of TaiG does NOT work on 8.2. In the meanwhile, there are a few things you may want to know prior to updating to…

The God’s demand JUSTICE in the Season Five Trailer of Game of Thrones

April 12th cannot get here fast enough! In what seems like an eternity since the Season Four, Apple this morning gave us a sneak peak of what HBO has in store for us. However if you missed the actual unveiling after Apple announced their new deal with HBO that resulted in HBO NOW, you are in for a treat. Pulling from both books 4 & 5 from George R.R Martin’s “A Song Of Ice” it’s getting hot (and that’s not the fire from the dragons in the trailer). The two-minute trailer will bring back our favorite characters like Tyrion and…

Nike+ Announces Apple Watch-Compatible App

With Spring in full bloom, a lot of people are looking forward to keeping fit and staying healthy. The Nike+ Running app has announced they will release an app for the Apple Watch when released on April 24th (With preorders on April 10th). “We want people to be healthier by being more active,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said in the presentation. “[Apple Watch] tracks daily movement, how long you’re exercising and even reminds you if you’ve been sitting too long. Apple Watch will also send you reminders to be more active. In fact, on a Monday, it will send you…

Griffin Announces The First 3rd-Party Accessory For The Apple Watch

  One of the first accessories announced for the Apple Watch, aptly named the WatchStand, Griffin is one of the first companies in line following Apple’s announcement to start an uptrend of gadgets for the watch, which will launch April 24th. An elegant charging and display dock for the Apple Watch, the Watchstand will display your new wrist wear on a pedestal, and can placed anywhere due to it’s small and compact design. Imagine this beauty on your nightstand, tabletop or desktop at work for show as well as daily charging. I know I certainly would enjoy sitting my watch…

It Might Be Bulletproof Also! Braven Announces the BRV-Pro

Earlier this year, Braven debuted the BRV-Pro, the first rugged, eco-friendly bluetooth speaker at the Las Vegas CES. Known for their durability and designs, Braven released the BRV-Pro with a lot of fanfare. Sporting up to 20 hours of battery life on a single charge, as well as a solar charging panel battery bank, and a lantern-like glow deck, you get the feeling this tank-like speaker is geared for outdoor enthusiasts. Braven plans to blow the competition out of the water, literally. Sporting HD Sounds, and a powerful bass, the BRV-Pro is the first of its kind with a IPX7…

Evernote for Apple Watch Is Confirmed for Launch in April

Soon after Tim Cook left the stage, popular and Apple Essentials favorite Evernote announced that they are currently developing an app for the Apple Watch. The company has said “An app on a watch doesn’t replace an app on the phone, it complements it. That’s how Apple Watch is designed, and it’s exactly what Evernote for Apple Watch is all about”.

Why I’m Considering Getting an Apple Watch

Ever since Apple’s big announcements, people have been asking me “Greg, are you going to buy the Apple Watch?” My wallet, and my conscious have two completely different answers. I have an issue, which I consider “Apple-itis”. Whenever Apple sells me on a new product, they sell me … until I realize I haven’t exactly hit the powerball yet.

Notebooks is the Best Cross-Platform App for iPhone, iPad & Mac

The stock iOS Notes app, although great for those who need to jot down a simple grocery list, isn’t enough for some of us. We need a bit more in the note-taking department. I’ve searched for the best cross-platform app that allows me to type on my iPad, iPhone and Macbook and found it. Notebooks is that app.